Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Note 4 and S6 Edge are quite competitive mates. They are indeed one of the most prominent smartphones on earth. Big fans of Samsung must be confident by using one of these remarkable handsets. Now, let’s compare Note 4 and S6 Edge.

Galaxy S6 Edge use the same 16 MP image sensor as the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has, which namely Sony IMX240. You will see the revamped UI camera and software in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Then there is S Voice shortcut by just double tapping the Home key. The launching of the camera is almost no delay. There is no more missed shots during your adventure. You don’t even need to wait the app to load. In the other side, Note 4 has a tad slower camera launching. Well it can be the downside.

In term of video quality, both Galaxy handsets shoot video up to 2160p at 30 fps. Both use 48 Mbps total bitrate and record fair quality of audio at 256 Kbps and 48 KHz sampling rate. As I’ve seen from the gadget reviewer site, the result video of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge appears slightly sharper. Moreover, the compression is also smoother than Note 4 has. At this point, we can call the S6 Edge as the winner.

Note 4, in many ways, is the S6 Edge’s bigger, older brother. There are some design similarities but there are also different things that make them distinct. Speaking of the size, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has impressive 10mm taller and 8 mm wider than Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. It is almost 2 millimeters thicker and weighs 38 grams more. If you prefer lighter device, S6 Edge could be the answer. Both of Note 4 and S6 Edge have metal chassis, one material which makes both devices compelling.

When we look at the back of both phone, we’ll see obvious differences. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has a removable and textured plastic back. Also, S6 Edge has loud speaker on the bottom edge. In the opposite, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has loudspeaker on the back.

Speaking about the metal frames, they have significantly difference frames. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has flatter frames. However, both have the same buttons on the front. You can say that they have similar designed home button.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has an absolute claim for the title of best mobile camera. It is due to its quality in refining image process which stunned both conventional users and interested photographers.
Which one is yours?

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