Poetic Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Case

Poetic Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Case
If you haven’t find the right case for your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 yet, perhaps you’ve never heard about Poetic Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Case. I have spent some of my valuable time to look for the best case for my Note 4 and here there is, the best accessory I have so far, Poetic Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It is a remarkable design that has certain benefits. Of course you will feel rest assured that your Note 4 is covered well. In the other side, the case makes the Note 4 very stylish.

Poetic has made such nice fit case for few different mobile devices from year to year. And for me, it remains one of the best in terms of quality and durability. This statement is undeniable due to good reason. Poetic Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Case uses high quality polycarbonate plate to create good solution to prevent possible accidents. It also has in-screen protector for layered security. You can be sure that your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will always look new
There are entering for your speakers and S-Pen Stylus holder. They can sit well inside the openings. And there is also enough spot for rear camera and HRM.

The good thing is, this is very sturdy case. If you accidentally drop your Note 4, it will most likely just bounce. You will not harm your phone at all unless you drop it from the top of the building. I can’t call myself as cautious guy but I drop my phone twice or so and I cannot see any damage stemming from the drop.

The Poetic case will definitely help your Note 4 from getting messed up. Great and thin design is also crucial aspect which can make my phone sit well on my hand. It fits perfectly and I know that it would not be slimmer than current design because of the “otterbox” style.

Though the case is a bit slippery, anyone who concerns about their phone will agree that this case works well with the phone. I recently mentioned about the in-screen protection. The lip surrounds the screen is deep enough to protect your screen from damage if dropped or crashed.

Of course you can be sure that the screen protector works well with the Note 4 stylus. However, it requires a minute or two of adaptation in the first time usage. When I was trying to write with my stylus, it felt pulled and dragged a little bit. But it took 2 minutes for me to get used to it.

In short, I would gladly recommend Poetic Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Case if you want your Note 4 looks stylish and sturdy.

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