OBLIQ [Slim Meta][Titanium Space Gray] Slim Fit Premium Dual Layer Protection Case with Metallic Brush Finish Back with Shock Absorbing TPU Inner Layer for Samsung Galaxy S7

OBLIQ [Slim Meta][Titanium Space Gray] Slim Fit Premium Dual Layer Protection Case with Metallic Brush Finish Back with Shock Absorbing TPU Inner Layer for Samsung Galaxy S7

The particular case keeps the initial slim and also smooth trendy style whilst adopting brand new revolutionary characteristics. The improved layout provides a plastic bumper which protects the smartphone as being a subsequent body. Shock absorption technology protects your Samsung Galaxy S7 from any falls, diffusing the distress over to the case and never to the smartphone. Although the hard pc rear provides defense against regular deterioration, while keeping a thin and complex metalic pattern. This case offers easy fold as well as outstanding style, without giving up your smartphone's safety.

This particular case rocks! Excellent presentation. It displays the high standard of the item: durable and thin. Smooth appearance which goes excellent with this particular elegant smartphone. Even if I have tried using several cases, this seems the ideal and also suits my S7 perfectly.

My personal goal is to spotlight characteristics and downsides which I may wish to find out about as being a customer. My observations will be genuine and accurate. Sometimes very difficult attempting to compose informative and innovative evaluations for every product. My personal wish is the fact that this review is useful to other people.

This OBLIQ [Slim Meta][Titanium Space Gray] Slim Fit Premium Dual Layer Protection Case with Metallic Brush Finish Back with Shock Absorbing TPU Inner Layer is easily the most lovliest case I've seen. The colour is awesome and it really is extremely gorgeous. I enjoy wear my own smartphone using cases thus, making this a tremendous decoration. It really is manufactured perfectly. The external control keys are usually silver creating an wonderful appearance.

It features an internal TPU cover so that your smartphone suits very comfortable. And each location that should be available is opened. The product quality is excellent. Now i'm extremely pleased with this particular case. It will help to make any kind of smartphone appearance new and will also defend S7 from the problems whether it unintentionally drops. It's really a case which will endure many years.

I really like dual-layer smartphone cases, it generates a believe that smartphone will be twice secured. The interior part is a fairly smooth plastic, quite elastic. This is actually the level which defends the edges and also shows the particular control keys. The exterior part is a fairly hard plastic material that seems such as applied steel which takes an effect of mistreatment through each day usage.

Actually searching the appearance and also grippy experience facing outward covering, tends to make me certain that I will not always be falling this particular device soon. Not just are you currently obtaining the smooth flexible protection from inside covering in the case, but you're receiving the hard external protection that can strengthen the interior part.

Best Galaxy S7 Case, Spigen® [Tough Armor] HEAVY DUTY [Black] EXTREME Protection / Rugged but Slim Dual Layer Protective Case

Best Galaxy S7 Case, Spigen® [Tough Armor] HEAVY DUTY [Black] EXTREME Protection / Rugged but Slim Dual Layer Protective Case
This case includes outlined control keys and lifted lip area provide key and also display screen safety, two pieces structure regarding impact diffusing, plastic and sturdy thermoplastic, significant cutouts suit the majority of wires even while safeguarding the smartphone along with digital camera. Also, the case is Military Grade Drop-Tested certified due to the manufacturer proprietary technology (called as Air Cushion). Please take in consideration that this case is compatible only with Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphones (it's not designed for S7 Edge).

I love the particular combination between delicate and sturdy covering cases, and also this one matches perfectly as well as being very easy. Just one disadvantage is the fact that I additionally put in my screen protector, and also placing the smartphone into the case rapidly ended in my being forced to put again the screen protector. I believed it could be OK, however I have to let it assembly fully.

This particular case  arrived in an attractive coloration. This is slim although provides two level safety for my new smartphone,  I'm usually clumsy and also fall my smartphone frequently, therefore I have to have a robust sturdy case. It features impact assimilation which usually shields the edges to ensure that I cannot have any nicks or even break the screen in the drop around the corner.

Spigen® [Tough Armor] HEAVY DUTY [Black] EXTREME Protection / Rugged but Slim Dual Layer Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy S7 offers the best cutouts for your digital camera and possesses uncomplicated contact volume control keys. This is produced from hard and flexible plastic to create the perfect robust case, however it remains sleek and stylish as well as doesn't look and feel big and unattractive. Additionally, it features a wonderful grip with it, therefore it is not going to fall from hand very easily such as many other smartphone cases. I recommend this particular case to everyone who has an S7. The manufacturer offers excellent cases when I have purchased from their store in the past and also have long been satisfied.

The main one complaint about Galaxy S7 continues to be how vulnerable it's always and the chances of damage. So, considering that, I needed to find case that will provide a substantial safety rather than just an attractive bit of TPU. Therefore, whenever a person deal with this case, having the smartphone inside, she can be assured she've acquired a a good opportunity it will endure a major fall on a really hard floor.

The particular plastic sides and also rear side combined with strong covering nicely created as well as suit very comfortable. The particular lifted lip shields the glass by surface scuff marks although the plastic edges supply safety however permit very well the utilisation of the volume as well as power control keys. Anyway,  I have discovered the mask on the power key somewhat difficult and I also need to take a look two times once I push it.

Best Galaxy S7 Case, Spigen® [Neo Hybrid] PREMIUM BUMPER [Gunmetal] Bumper Style Premium Case Slim Fit Dual Layer Protective Cover

Best Galaxy S7 Case, Spigen® [Neo Hybrid] PREMIUM BUMPER [Gunmetal] Bumper Style Premium Case Slim Fit Dual Layer Protective Cover
It's a malleable, impact dissipating plastic and also a PC bumper body case, it incorporates the "Air Cushion", a Spigen proprietary technology, for additional safety, it has significant cutouts for quick use of control keys and also slot spaces. It has durable external surfaces and curved edges, it's MIL-STD 810G 516.6 certified against dropps, and the case is compatible only with Samsung Galaxy S7.

In the case outlines, this series remains probably the firm’s hottest one. But not only boasts it been known for years, it continues is getting developed with each and every new release. I purchased this case for  my smartphone, and also it didn't dissatisfy.

On its basic, the case continue to maintains the particular series’  material design, that is made of from a new UV-coated really hard plastic body along with a high quality smooth TPU case. It seems gorgeous on the smartphone, since its bezels give you a nice distinction towards the dark rubbery components which characterizes almost all of the case.

As well, this is a new form-fitting case which doesn’t give a huge amount of volume - therefore, maintaining your smartphone shape small and also thin. Because it provides some sort of rubbery surface, the case supplies a reasonable measure of handle any time it’s used. It’s able to keep an excellent nice and clean surface, as well! There’s an additional respectable level of safety provided by the case, one which shields the smartphone by regular deterioration - plus some minimal drops.

Certainly, it’s not at all something that’s designed to safeguard it by severe falls, however the interior pattern within the plastic components can effectively to soak up and also spread out small falls. It's really an excellent advantage for that cost.

I really like the Spigen® [Neo Hybrid] PREMIUM BUMPER [Gunmetal] Bumper Style Premium Case Slim Fit Dual Layer Protective Cover for Samsung Galaxy S7. Matches my smartphone as being a handwear cover. Supplies unique protection, and also the rear is kind of grippy and contains a texture and consistancy into it, which makes it more difficult for someone to fall this during usage. Provides quick access for you to audio speakers, slots, and also digital camera. Both pieces together style and design provides me with assurance that when this will be fallen upon an side or even corner, the smartphone would likely endure the shock. Superb layout and can't highly recommend it sufficient.

A few currently have were unsatisfied with the components, however when the smartphone will be put inside the case, everything seems strong whilst not having more weight. It appears that they have got developed this like that, even perhaps on objective. This case brings together safety along with delicate greatness. The smartphone is actually pleading being fallen using its smooth glass outside covering. This unique case increases the splendor of the smartphone, as opposed to some other cases, which often change your smartphone into an ugly unbreakable stone.

Handling this case is simple. You add the particular plastic part on initially, next place the plastic material outside bumper. I really love the truly feel of the control keys on the case greater than the smartphone. The particular control keys possess a responsive reaction which has been in step with past case series.

My personal recommendation towards manufacturer is to try to provide the TPU bumper part individually. In case you place your smartphone simply by a variety of mistreatment, the plastic section will in the end break and drop off. Consumers might also would like to customize the shade of their own bumper occasionally.

Best Galaxy S7 Case, Spigen® [Crystal Shell] Extra Shock-Absorb [Clear Crystal] Clear back panel + Engineered TPU bumper

Best Galaxy S7 Case, Spigen® [Crystal Shell] Extra Shock-Absorb [Clear Crystal] Clear back panel + Engineered TPU bumper
This particular case is incredibly robust and appears wonderful. Its bumpers from the corner appear to be they are able to genuinely receive a strike. And also the particular color truly increases the appearance of my Galaxy S7 . A very important factor I must say I take pleasure concerning the case is it brings a lot of texture and consistancy to my smartphone.

Ahead of S7 itself I imagined like the smartphone would certainly fall from my hands. So I am certain that the smartphone will not fall out of. And also the case is very thin, inside of workplace we not allowed to carry our smartphones to the work therefore we currently have tiny cellular phone lockers outside of the front door and my smartphone continues to fit within it.

It's a crystal clear very hard PC case and also designed TPU bumper offers you a grip plus a thin shape. This case is compatible only with Samsung Galaxy S7. Its extreme transparency reflects main smartphone layout. The distinct control keys are simple to really feel and push, even though significant cutouts match the majority of cords. The lifted bezels raise display screen and digital camera away from plain areas

The Spigen® [Crystal Shell] Extra Shock-Absorb [Clear Crystal] Clear back panel + Engineered TPU bumper for Samsung Galaxy S7 is yet another demonstration of fantastic cases which Spigen creates. The rear is almost 100% clear. The edges can successfully safeguard from falls. The particular corners currently have exactly what this manufacturer is asking Air Cushion Tech, it's a extravagant strategy for declaring the 4 corners possess spaces within to soak up impact. This certainly will safeguard your smartphone from the falls when it occurs to hit a part, a most unfortunate way in which it might drop. This kind of case have to quickly shield your smartphone out of the scratches daily usage. The design is great, there aren't any sharpened sides, all the details are very clean. In general I'm happy with this case and also would highly recommend this to anyone.

When searching for a transparent case, there are several issues that I mainly try to find. I prefer to understand whether or not it's a resistant plastic material or possibly a delicate rubbery case, however it is also essential whether it is a hardcore case having a cushioning bumper, according to my own reasons behind buying it and also the smartphone that I'm acquiring it regarding.

Take into consideration no matter whether you can find issues concerning the coloration transforming through crystal clear with an unpleasant yellow-colored as time passes. Today, the transparent cases usually don't have that issue, however there are a few firms that usually are not on top of the changing times in this area, so when you'll have thought, I attempt to stay away from these firms whenever possible. I suppose the key points although are usually the way in which case in fact suits the smartphone and the way effectively it guards your Galaxy S7 in a variety of situations. Typically, using transparent cases, I use these around the home as well as inside the car since I usually do not assume these to safeguard through very hard damage, having said that I accomplish to hope these to shield my smartphone by scuff marks and so on.

Best Galaxy S7 Edge Case: VRS Design [Damda Clip][Champagne Gold] - [Card Slot][Drop Protection][Heavy Duty][Money Clip][Wallet]

Best Galaxy S7 Edge Case: VRS Design [Damda Clip][Champagne Gold] - [Card Slot][Drop Protection][Heavy Duty][Money Clip][Wallet]
So, I purchased this case for two main motives. The primary is having a simple case, rather than the flap above huge cases, as well as for events such as concert events and adventure situations. The particular case describes it is going to deal with two credit cards, without having it appearing bulky and also smashing the clip. You need to place the most significant credit card in the bottom considering that it has a grip and will not move out as quickly. I have examined out the amount of an increase of mix of cards and money appear and feel like.

This kind of credit card port layout is the greatest wallet substitute specifically for people who consider riding on the bus. The rear place usually permits 2 credit cards (3 maximum) and some money. This kind of layout may be the requirement for me personally any time choosing whether or not to purchase a new smartphone. I can't stay not having it!

After I just set the case on my Galaxy S7 Edge, I just accidentally dropped it around four ft on to my hone floor, this dropped on bottom corner of the smartphone and fell above and so the smartphone ended up being having glass straight down. Absolutely no deterioration after all. As much as the credit card slot  will support, I place a credit card primary, after that my own New York City MetroCard and a store card inside the clip and also have absolutely no issues in any way. It's unlikely that any of those things will drop out.

I really don't attempt to place other things inside because these 3 items remain in the slot without any difficulties, however it looks like in case you include another credit card the actual clip would certainly be seated greater than all of those other back then one might drop out. I like to recommend this case for anyone who wishes excellent safety plus a location to place only a few items inside a clip.

I have done a considerable amount of investigation and selected this case since I particularly wished a thing pretty light, together with a clip regarding handy transporting of a typical credit card or a couple of. The VRS Design [Damda Clip][Champagne Gold] - [Card Slot][Drop Protection][Heavy Duty][Money Clip][Wallet] - For Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935 satisfied almost all requirements. Very easy to have the smartphone into and out of the case, features a really small combination which means that your smartphone doesn't get in touch with a flat surface area in case you put it straight down on the top, and also looks very durable.

Something to notice would be that the clip, possessing steel inside it and getting positioned in the center of the smartphone, appears to obstruct my wireless battery charger from working well. Therefore, I need to remove it from the case during the night only if I would like to use that specific (wireless) battery charger.

I really don't believe this can be a design downside, it's really a potential downside and another prospective customers should know about. Overall, I'm very satisfied using my investment, particularly taking into consideration the cost, that was 50% of what they have to ask for different cases inside the shop.

Best Galaxy S7 Edge Case, VRS Design [Triple Mixx][Shine Gold] - [Clear Back][Drop Protection][Heavy Duty][Slim Fit]

Best Galaxy S7 Edge Case, VRS Design [Triple Mixx][Shine Gold] - [Clear Back][Drop Protection][Heavy Duty][Slim Fit]
The VRS, known as Verus in the past, created a case that includes high quality design with realistic functions and stylish layout that is ideal for almost any situation. It's sophisticated, practical, and efficient, the case completely matches the S7 Edge and facilitates the smartphone's natural splendor shine endless.

It offer a full degree of protection - the case protects all edges and incorporates lifted sides plus a TPU lip to maintain the display from damaging or contact the floor. Comfortable match - designed to highlight slimness while not diminishing smartphone protection. The case has impact protection layers, produced from high quality TPU, a gentle inside layer pillows the smartphone from falls, while hard surface encases the gadget to defend from severe accidents.

An exclusively designed crystal clear PC layer permits you to exhibit the style of your smartphone without reducing safety. The VRS Design [Triple Mixx][Shine Gold] - [Clear Back][Drop Protection][Heavy Duty][Slim Fit] - For Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, that's in shine gold, is ideal for my own gold Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. I usually choose my smartphone undressed however this case provides me the safety I want without worrying about size and also makes the whole smartphone much easier to handle.

The particular ridges around the inflexible crystal clear TPU backside make my S7 Edge very easy to hold without the need of hiding the mobile phone's gold backside. The cushioning dark plastic protects the control keys and shows up very good relating to the clear backside along with gold side cover.

For the top of the smartphone, the black color is a lot more noticeable and shields the device when it's with their face down although is not going to obstruct the mobile smartphone's edges and the side panel is completely available. The particular gold edge fits beautifully and matches comfortable however can be simply taken out.

With regards to smartphone cases, I've usually selected safety more than appearances, leaving behind me along with hideous bumper cases, although properly protected smartphones. I've never invested too much for a case, however I'm happy that I spent with this one. It's actually the right case, practical, safeguarding, and attractive. The coloration suits my smartphone beautifully, it really seems like a part of the smartphone. Many people I know failed to actually recognize there is a case on my smartphone initially when I first revealed it to them.

Best Micro SD card for Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge: SanDisk Ultra 200GB Micro SD

Best Micro SD card for Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge: SanDisk Ultra 200GB Micro SD
I conducted a lot of research online ahead of I purchased my own 200GB microSD memory card. SanDisk is now the only one manufacturer that features a microSD card which is bigger than 128GBwhich is available on the market. There exists a 256GB SD memory card  which is available, too. They are saying the fact that size of the little microSD memory card as well as the existing technology seems to have the actual limitation from the microSD memory card at their maximum at 200GB.  This is all of the storage they can stuff within it. Therefore, before there will be an additional solutions development, it appears like it is the limitation for microSD cards in the future. Experiencing all that, the SanDisk card is functioning like a winner inside my Galaxy Note 7!

That is actually the biggest micro SD memory card - 200GB signifies you don't ever need to stop capturing and saving. This kind of memory card holds approximately twenty hrs of FHD video before you need to consider transferring something to your computer. Along with premium card-to-PC transfer rates of speed, you'll be able to move nearly twelve hundred pictures in one minute. Designed to function in excessive circumstances, this is water resistant, shock proof, magnet proof, etc. It's a Class 10 card and also has an SD adapter. The warranty is limited to 10 years (not lifetime).

It's a rapid microSD memory card. Through rapid, I'm talking about very fast. It provides more rapidly read/write rates of speed compared to the majority of SD memory cards in its category from various manufacturers. I had selected this specific microSD card for gadgets like digital cameras and portable video gaming systems.The  transfer rates of speed additionally help it become easy to share and store your own data files efficiently. I recommend it for any person who wants a microSD memory card. I've constantly trusted this manufacturer and also this card is no different.

There's an adapter that's included as well for storage slots that need the larger version (SD). It's a valuable extra product to carry within your equipment kit. Who knows whenever you will have to transfer data files into a gadget that just requires SD memory cards however it's a micro SD card. The actual cost for each gigabyte of storage capacity dropped considerably for this card.

I've often bought SanDisk SD cards and soon I wanted one in my new smartphone, and so I considered for it this microSD card. This manufacturer is a good brand name I never experienced any kind of problems using its products. A few other vendors have failed with their products, me personally by having to format my card after having a set of images or even docs in it and regrettably  I wasted almost all stored information.

Overall, I think this is the best microSD memory card for Samsung Galaxt S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone, and you should not let your mind to take in consideration any lower memory storage card.

Caseology® [Envoy Series] Leather Bound Bumper Cover for Samsung Galaxy S7

Caseology® [Envoy Series] Leather Bound Bumper Cover [Leather Cherry Oak] [GENUINE LEATHER] for Samsung Galaxy S7 (2016) - Leather Cherry Oak
It's a very wonderful case to consider. This gold colored case is really so attractive and this suits my smartphone color very well and that is excellent, in fact this as being a bit of a shade off would've driven everyone crazy. This delicate, texturized design around the rear is sweet as well, it truly improves the whole case. It is extremely flexible.

I like its color combination from my smartphone coloration that is an excellent fit. And also the good quality components utilized to build this case is excellent and really sturdy. The plastic components and also the bordering is a plus, I love how it is fundamentally a dual layer effect which is actually wonderful and permits me to benefit from the best safety for my smartphone. I'll certainly purchase a similar case once again in the future mainly because they provid a variety of wonderful color styles.

When I just received my Galaxy S7, I wished this case for it instantly to help keep it safe. I like the way this case is constructed of top quality leather, as opposed to many other competitors which use cheap plastic material or even low quality leather.

The Caseology® [Envoy Series] Leather Bound Bumper Cover [Leather Cherry Oak] [GENUINE LEATHER] for Samsung Galaxy S7 - Leather Cherry Oak is really very nicely constructed and also it's entirely an excellent suit for my smartphone. I offer to this case a five star score because of the fact the safety supplied with this case is actually breathtaking and also it practically helps to keep my smartphone safe during my everyday life.

It seems to be incredibly complex and trendy within the graphite gold color. It suits the smartphone very well and it has acceptable cut-outs for any ports and slots, in order to quickly gain access to anything with no need of ever being forced to get rid of my smartphone case. Also, it is compact and also doesn’t overwhelm my smartphone.

For those who are attempting to find a product which can very easily mounted and be noticeable within a group, this case provides natural leather in many different hot color styles ideal for any kind of circumstance. This gold colored bumper provides a little elegance and glossy control keys show that you have got an exceptional style along with a great care about details.

Best Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Accessories

I know, many of you are fascinated by your new smartphone and believe it's more that you could imagine to wish, but after a while you'll unterstand that you and your gadget have three main needs: you have te protect the S7 Edge, you have to improve its functionality, and you have to customize it accordingly to your daily needs.

So, what are the best Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Accessories?

1st, you have to protect it: you can do it with a high quality case that is sturdy, functional, practical, your S7 Edge fit perfectly in that case and it's gorgeos - this is your case!

More over, you need an anti-fingerprint, anti-glare, bubble-free, and easy to install screen protector - it has excellent reviews.

2nd, you have to improve it: and all you can do is to enjoy by the potential of the new microSD slot, that helps you to extend your external memory storage up to 200GB. What vendor offers the best & cheapest microSD memory card? It's SanDisk! So, with the new SanDisk Ultra 200GB Micro SD memory card you can enjoy by a high speed transfer rate 90MB/s, you can record Full HD videos up to 20 hours, you can transfer in a minute up to 1200 photos, and the memory card is very resistant:X-ray/magnet/shock/temperature/water proof. Also, at this moment it has almost 6000 five star reviews and now you can get it for a discount price of more than 50%.

Also, in some situations you can improve your Galaxy S7 Edge with a 5200 mAh extended battery or  even with an 18000 mAh power bank.

3rd, you can customize your S7 Edge accordingly to your needs with best wireless charger available: Samsung EP-PG920IBUGUS Wireless Charging Pad with 2A Wall Charger. It's highly reviewed by almost 4000 people, and even if the product description related to the smartphones compatibility is outdated, you can stay calm: just read the latest Amazon reviews of the product and you'll find out that many Galaxy S7 Edge owners are very satisfied by this wireless charger.

Should You Buy Samsung Galaxy S7?

Should You Buy Samsung Galaxy S7
One more year arrive together with a new range of smartphones from biggest vendors. I've been addicted to find the most recent smartphone each year and I really like evaluating details. Please note, I really like Android OS and also have used it from the beginning.

In case you have an older smartphone over 3 years old, then absolutely get the new S7. I just played around with Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge for a couple of days then my own viewpoints are derived from this.

So, first major change is the microSD memory card slot is back - now Samsung Galaxy S7 supports up to 200 GB microSD cards. But, the battery is non-removable (by the way LG G5 has a removable battery).

If you already have a last generation smartphone then you don't need to make the upgrade to S7 or S7 Edge. Smartphones are getting so standardized it can make absolutely no sense to move up and waste your money. I think, next are usually important specifications to think about whenever you purchasing a smartphone: size, weight, resolution, RAM, CPU, ROM, external memory storage, cameras ant the batttery. Anyway, for people who are using a smartphone almost all day, they can use battery power banks with high capacity, usually up to 30,000 mAh.

Buy Cheapest Samsung Galaxy S7
Also, before buying a Samsung Galaxy S7, you should take in consideration that on the markets are cheap smartphones today that are beginning to get really best for about 200 - 300 dollars (Elephone Vowney, Elephone P9000, Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML, Ulefone Power 4G, etc). SGS7 is supperior to any $200 - $300 smartphone, but the difference between their specs are less than double, even if Galaxy S7 is usually three times more expensive (I make team with people who say that S7 is too expensive).

Anyway, if you choose to order cheapest Galaxy S7 , then you should choose a plan from a mobile carrier, because in United States you get the S7 free, else you have to search among several popular websites to buy a factory unlocked Samsung Galaxy S7 (on amazon you can find great deals).

Cheapest Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge price

Cheapest Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge price

Of course, some people will not be happy even if they will get an S7 or S7 Edge for free plus a ton of gold as bonus. Even if you should give them the gold from the all countries, they will always have to say that something is not right (this is the human nature)...

So, let's talk about T-Mobile offer!

An S7 or an S7 Edge isn't very cheap if you need to buy it factory unlocked or without a plan. You have to pay around $670 for Samsung Galaxy S7 and $780 for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in United States. Also, you're forced to take in consideration a (data) plan for using your new smartphone, but for that you have to pay. So, why should you not make a good deal to get a cheap price for Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge?

This U.S. mobile carrier, T-Mobile, created several plans in order to help most people to get as fast as possible these new smartphones at cheapest price possible. Actually, the prices of S7 & S7 Edge are included in every monthly plan, to help you to get it ASAP, and not to wait for saving several weeks or months.

Even if T-Mobile created 4 monthly plans, the included price of the two smartphones are the same for all wireless plans: almost $28 for Samsung Galaxy S7 and almost $33 for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge if you keep the plan for 24 months. Else, if you cancel the wireless service, then the remaining balance of the smartphone will become due.

Overall, I think these plans are great deals, especially if you take in consideration that in other countries you have to pay $713 (one time payment) for a $42 monthly plan and a 24 months contract.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review

The largest information about the Galaxy S7 facet is its size. It is bigger than the S6 area; its display is 5.5 inches compared with the 5.1 inches. However it nevertheless feels relatively compact. The beauty of the S6 side continues to be present in this more recent mobile phone, also its polished finish offers it a steel luster just like S6 area.

The Galaxy S7 Edge is made of aluminum, blanketed with Gorilla Glass four on back and front. As it has been constantly the case every year considering 2011, Samsung’s Galaxy S7 flagship smartphones are commonly one of the most anticipated devices. That is due to the fact, for the reason that early days, Samsung floored competition like HTC which have been hit it to the most visible to come to be the most important Android device which is proficient in their name. Currently the world has become keen as they watch the Korean agency unveil its modern in Barcelona the day past not due to its high profile, but because the pinnacle maximum Android smartphone dealer and the biggest competitor to Apple but additionally because of the converting fortunes of the ones involved inside the cell tool marketplace.

It is undeniable that the design of galaxy S7 Edge is unbeatable. The unique edge display design is very stunning and distinct. It is a signature look, and has such powerful visual attraction. The display of the Samsung S7 Edge is high end Super AMOLED with the QHD resolution (2560 x 1440 pixels). Alright, that is the same as its predecessor. However,  it can’t be seen as a problem since it has high enough pixel densities which ensure your visual enterntainment covered.It provides such rich colors and sharp images.

Other interesting feature to be noted is the inclusion of microSD card slot. As usual, Samsung high-end gadget always hits the folks who are multimedia fas. The great thing about it is that the battery durability is marvelous, it has enormous 3600mAh, just as speculated by the netizens months before. Of course you will also get multiple options in connectivity including 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, and NFC.

The firm stated that the CPU performance would be 30% faster than its predecessor. Well, we can expect for something like Exynos vs Qualcomm Snapdragon as the processor. With the 12 MP camera it is more than enough to take some selfies snaps, nature, travel, occasion, and many more.

More RAM & Better Memory Storage are expected for Samsung Galaxy Note 6

Until now vivo Xplay 5 seems to be the first smartphone who will arrive on global markets with 6GB of RAM. So, new rumors say that Samsung Galaxy Note 6 might bring some amazing improvements, and one of them is that the new phablet will have 6GB of RAM.

The new random access memory (RAM) will be LPDDR4, same as Note 5's RAM, but the amount of Note 6 is higher. So, you'll get just benefits consisting in more applications to run in the same time. It would been nice the RAM to be LPDDR4E, to run the apps faster, but it seems we need to wait more time...

Another rumor says that Note 6 could use for memory storage the UFS 2.0 standard (it's faster than a SSD). Actually, the new version of phablet could come on markets with first 256GB Universal Flash Storage (45,000/40,000 IOPS).

Anyway, as far you push a smartphone performances, as more power it requires, so a new higher capacity battery is expected...

Samsung Galaxy S7 Review

Samsung Galaxy S7 Review
At the first glance, it is almost impossible to differ the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S6 apart. The key features of Samsung Galaxy S7 are distinctive in a way that may be as exciting as its predecessor or better. For instance, a new 12 MP camera, 3000mAh battery, fast and wireless charging, android 6.0 Marshmallow and 4 Gb RAM with 5.1 inch quad – HD Display.

The most notable feature is the microSD slot that had previously been omitted from S6 and had caused an uproar. The waterproofing of  the Samsung Galaxy S7 is also a feature of old making its return and you could immerse it into water 1m deep and for 30 minutes or get wet in the rain with it or the accidental drop in a cup of tea and not worry about it getting soaked.

The reduction of the camera sensor from 16MP to Samsung Galaxy S7’s 12 MP may seem a point of concern because 16 MP is the best camera you can get on an Android platform but it is a reasonable move because the aperture has been improved to f/1.7 and now the photos will be brighter. The reduction was informed by Samsung’s use of Britecell technology that reduces sensor’s size and improves low light performance because there is a lack of bump. Auto focus has been improved incredibly. It is so fast. Actually it is a better sensor just crammed into a smaller shell. The front camera sensor is still 5 MP.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 battery which is now 3,000 mAh is obviously an upgrade which should last through the day without much issues as has previously been with the Galaxy S6’s 2,550 mAh. It charges fast and wireless and remains non-removable.

The 5.1 inch quad HD and super AMOLED display is more vibrant now. The colors are represented beautifully with fantastic viewing angles, probably the best smartphone screen. There is a new feature known as the Always On feature that constantly allows you to see the time or calendar or any notifications without flicking on the device. But this only consumes 1% of your battery which is very acceptable.

The performance has been boosted with the additional 1GB of RAM to 4GB and get a new processor depending on your region. For instance, the Snapdragon 820 or the company’s Exynos chips. The difference between the two is very minimal because they both provide 64% more GPU and 30% more CPU performance. The UI is still Touchwiz but much lighter and is built on Android Marshmallow and has a Game Launcher feature which allows you to halt the notifications and record your game play wherever you are. Everybody love it, simply sensational.

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