Maxboost [Clear Cushion] Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Case Bumper

Maxboost [Clear Cushion] Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Case Bumper
It comes with seamless integrated shock-absorbing bumper and ultra clear back panel protective cover. For those who are looking for maximum protection for their Samsung Galaxy Note 4, this can be the right item. It is great item with the double injected ultra-protective clear case and integrated shock absorbing frame.

The ultra clear is literally what it means. It has transparent body. So it will not hide the true color of your handset. Moreover, it enhances the original color and the design of Note 4. It comes with the anti-scratch  solution. The cover is applied to prevent tear and scratch for long term use, very suitable for those who have the hectic schedule. If you are using your phone often, then this case is just for you.

This case is designed purposely for Note 4 only, that's why you will find out the the cutouts of the speakers, camera, and other functional ports. Those can be accessible easily without interrupting your necessity.

Thus, there are some features that I would like to review:

The maximized protection - Maxboost [Clear Cushion] Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Case Bumper comes with double injected ultra-protective clear case and integrated shock-absorbing frame. This can bare with some accidental bumps and crash. As long as you don't throw it from the 12th floor your handset will stay safe due to the case protection.

Ultra-clear – Transparent body emphasizes the original color and design of Note 4.
Anti-scratch – As mentioned before, the case can cover your handset for long term use and prevent it from scratches.

Lifetime warranty - it comes with lifetime warranty. This will ensure your the maximum protection of your Note 4.

You will notice that the mold over the power and volume buttons on your device fit well. The back is thicker than other common cases, thick enough to protect your handset camera window from contacting the flat surface.

All the handset ports have generous matching case openings so you will not have any problem in plugging in the micro-USB, headphone jack, and S-Pen. All the ports are clear, the case fits well with the handset. The rim of the case is thick to protect the screen safe from a fall onto a flat surface.

Overall, I would strongly recommend this item to everybody who need sturdy yet stylish case for Note 4.

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