BUDDIBOX Protective Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Premium PU, Leather Wallet Case

BUDDIBOX Protective Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Premium PU, Leather Wallet Case
It can be tightly fitted and front flip cover in order to protect your handset from any scratches or cracks. This is of course the protection against accidental bumps. BUDDIBOX Protective Samsung Galaxy Note 4 wallet case offers the maximum protection for your handset. This protective case does not only perform sturdy protection, but also enhance the appearance of your device. It uses the magnetic clasp to secure your Note 4 and contribute nice design for easy access to all ports and button.

It is great for all sides protection for you smartphone. You will notice the amazing interior of the flip case included. For those who want to carry along their credit cards and personal identity can rely on this case since it provides all. And not only that, the space is still enoough for another slot for cash. It can also be reluctantly folded into a viewing stand. The case comes with various colorful choices.

As mentioned before, it has enough slots for credit cards, Ids, cash, etc. It can support up to 3 cards ( more if your cards thinner). The stand case is useful for those who are fond of temporary small media center on their desk. You can watch your favorite video and do the text messaging. This ultra slim wallet case will not make your handset feels bulky and heavy. The remarkable precisely cutouts and the magnetic easy to close strap. You will always cover your handset that way.

I have been doing my personal research on this wallet case. Most customers said it worked fine. It is pretty handy as a wallet. For those who love minimalistic option, this is a good thing. In other common cases, the magnet gets in a way of the handset users. But it is totally different. The case will not get in a way like in some cases.

I actually have checked about different wallet cases which offer interesting features like this one. But no one is a good item until I found this wallet case. As mentioned before, it protects your phone fully without adding excessive volume on it. I think it is worthwhile to purchase. So, what do you think?

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