64GB R80 W60 MicroSD Strontium Nitro Plus for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 & Note Edge

64GB R80 W60 MicroSD Strontium Nitro Plus for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 & Note Edge
If you are looking for microSD to store a lot of files, you need to consider 64GB R80 W60 MicroSD Strontium Nitro Plus. This item has incredible reading speed for up to 80MB/second and 60MB/second in writing transfer speeds. This memory card is perfect for those who want to record, play back and transfer pictures and videos rapidly. Also, I recommend it to use it with last generation smartphones, like Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or Note Edge.

This can make you possible to bring 4K ultra HD entertainments alive. This microSD card can adopt the SD’s association’s latest spec release, UHS-1 memory U3, which allows glamorous development in writing speeds of at least 30MB/second. These microSD cards are widely available in the world. You can purchase it directly from Amazon.

This memory card has the perfect performance in providing the capabilities in reading for up to 80 MB/second and writing for up to 60 MB/second. This is more than enough speed rate to record high quality Full HD video in 1080p, ultra HD in 2160p,4K2K and 3D videos as well. This is a remarkable item for all the DSLR and camrcoders users. Then you can also play the UHS-1 card on your favorite devices.

64GB R80 W60 MicroSD Strontium Nitro Plus includes MyBackup Pro Full Version Android Apps. The apps is no.1 Android backup application allows the handset users to store or backup important data in their android devices. It gives them ability to restore the data to any android smartphones or tablets. You will get this app for free when purchasing this memory card.

Not only the app that make me stunned. When purchasing it, the users will also get USB card reader and SD adapter included in the box. This memory card is the best microSD that I’ve ever come across. This crucial additions allow the users to access multiple digital devices.

It comes with ultra high speed class 3 spec UHS-1 for 4K Ultra HD standard. This is perfect for mobile data solution. You probably have encountered boring slow transfer rate. With up to 80 MB/second in reading, and 60 MB/ second in writing, this boringness will fade out.

This is an incredible product. If I am asked to rate it, I would like to give it 5 out of 5 stars. If you need high speed memory for your handset, then this memory card is for you.

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