64GB Lexar High-Performance MicroSDXC 633x for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 & Note Edge

64GB Lexar High-Performance MicroSDXC 633x for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 & Note Edge
This microSD memory card is a remarkable solution for sports camcorders, tablets, and smartphones. You can quickly capture, transfer files, plays back, and transfer all the media files quickly. The files that you can work with this item includes 1080p full HD videos, 3D videos, and a lot more. It comes with massively speedy rate up to 95 MB/S or equals to 633x.

The other thing that make me stunned is the performance of U1 and U3 version is exactly the same. in this case, you won’t have any problem anymore with the transfer rate. The high speed class 10 card and USB 3.0 reader makes 64GB Lexar High-Performance MicroSDXC 633xvery compelling for enthusiasts users on Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

It is absolutely one of the fastest card I have ever seen. it is super compatible, and work even with the adapters. I am sure that everybody have different adapters but by far, there is no single complain about adapter compatibility.

As mentioned before, the performance of 64GB Lexar High-Performance MicroSDXC 633x is rated at 95 MB/sec read speed, class 10. I’ve checked a lot of positive feedbacks from former customers. And this is not just blabbery. It proven what it said in the package. The 64GB Lexar High-Performance MicroSDXC 633x for Note 4 delivers on that promise.

However, some probably expect write speed is lower. And it is true. Lexar itself claimed that write speed would be lower. Indeed, I’ve checked that it is about 41MB/sec. Well, it is still fair on me since 40MB/sec is much better than any usual lower class Sd card’s performance.

Lexar microSDXC is about twice as fast as Sandisk Ultra. However, this card drops in USB 2.0 Adapter (but you can buy an USB 3.0 adapter to fix the problem). Perhaps it will be the downside of this microSD memory card. However, note that the trend of USB 3 has been spreading. And I think it becomes more common that the average users are fond of USB 3 adapter system.

Talking about compatibility. You can use it for your GoPro 3+ at 1080p 60 fps without any interruption or problems. No errors, no freezed. If you have your HD camera, you will rest assured to use this as the storage. So with this microSD memory card, you can also use your older video devices and cameras.

You will really need high transfer speed, and find no other than 64GB Lexar High-Performance MicroSDXC 633x for Note 4 & Note Edge.

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