Ghostek Bullet Charcoal Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Case

Ghostek Bullet Charcoal Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Case
You are reading the review about Ghostek Bullet Charcoal Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Case. If you are looking for reliable case for your Samsung Galaxy Note 4, then you can consider about the Ghostek Bullet Charcoal Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Case. This case has such innovative design, stylish shape, full protection form and perfectly suitable for Galaxy Note 4. The Ghostek Bullet Charcoal case comes with remarkable clear screen protector. The case has 4 definite protective layers with access to buttons and ports easily.

This case has a beautiful poly-carbonate outer shell with non-slip TPU inner shell, which means it is appealing in appearance as well as fit in your hand nicely. The outer shell comes with a kickstand as good addition. This will allow you to convert your phone into small media center to watch favorite videos and shows. Moreover, the developer of this case, Ghostek, offers an intriguing LIFETIME warranty exchange for the case.

This is an awesome case regarding to its price point. The Ghostek Bullet Charcoal case for Galaxy Note 4 fits really nice and it feels good in your hand. For those who are used to use rubber type case, Ghostek Bullet Charcoal case might be a little smoother. But the difference is not too significant. One thing for sure, you can hold your phone nicely with it. Since it is a little bit thicker than any cases, it almost doubles the thickness of the phone. But I love the way the phone protected by Ghostek Bullet Charcoal case since it has a more solid and sturdy feel to it.

For the installation, it does not come with instuctions or manuals. So I suggest you to look for the tutorials from third party sources. It is quite tricky when installing the case. However, all the ports and buttons are well accessible. The phone ports such as Mic, Speaker, Headphone Jack, S Pen, Charging Holes, and the IR blaster line up nicely.

Those who are paying attention to their camera and heart rate monitor, don’t worry. Not like the common case, the openings for camera and HRM work wonderfully. The power buttons work very nice. You don’t need to struggle to push the button. You can do it just by little effort.

Once you install the Ghostek Bullet Charcoal case, you will notice that it does have a raised edge around the screen. Well, that’s true. I know what’re you thinking. You can place on its face without having to worry it is scratched. Overall it is a good case.

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