Dressier Braid Purse Wallet Design Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Dressier Braid Purse Wallet Design Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Do you want to protect your Note 4 with sturdy and sophisticated case? You perhaps want to check Dressier Braid Purse Wallet Design Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 BLACK with Shoulder Chain Strap. The Purse Wallet Design case from Dressier will not only protect your Samsung Galaxy Note 4, but also give it more aspects to be appealing and attractive.

This fabulous sophisticated case is purposely designed for ladies. This case will make you outstanding in the crowd. Moreover, Dressier has made the design to fit your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 perfectly. So you will not choose the wrong item for your smartphone.

The slim case ensures your gadget don't look bulky or thick. In the other side, it gives 100% protection without interrupting the access to all controls and ports. You will also find that there is an appealing sleek obscure silver metal chain.

Dressier braid purse wallet case makes the style and protection very possible!
One of the highlights of this item is that you can carry your phone in style and elegance without worrying about your smartphone protection.

To add more safety, Dressier provides the protective faux silicone case with carrying handgrip to make sure that your handset would be fit in your hand. You will be impressed with convincing look of the Dressier purse wallet design case.

Every port for headphones, camera, and speaker are lined up so well. Perhaps one downside that I’d truly share is when you charge your phone, you have to take the case off first since the charging port is too narrow. Yes it is accessible but it is hard to plug the charger cable.

You are probably annoyed to have to keep taking the phone out of the case for charging it. However, you also realize that just like the other items, each has pros and cons, right? Other than that, you will be impressed with the quality of the item.

I love the concept of the fashion design and the protective case which is emphasized in this Dressier case. I found that the concept is easy for most users to use their right hand for the device and their left one for cane for walking. It makes you easier to use your handset while walking on the street.

This inexpensive case surely offers a lot of benefits for the average users. I mean the case looks very nice and appealing, the strap is perfect for length. The case slips very smoothly and not hard at all. However, your phone will be placed well and you probably would not mind to have another one in different color.

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