ACEABOVE [Stand Feature] Galaxy Note 4 Wallet Case

ACEABOVE [Stand Feature] Galaxy Note 4 Wallet Case
This wallet case is a reliable item for those who need a slim case for their Galaxy Note 4 phablet. This case is especially designed for Note 4 2014 release. So it won’t fit any of other device. Well, that’s literally definite high quality product for only your Note 4.

At the price of $16 recently, it is not a risky investment at all. If this is your first purchase, I am quite sure that you will be satisfied with it.You can fit your necessary cards without getting it too bulky. Some people may concern about the interference when using S-pen or heart rate sensor as the case applied to cover the handset. Well, if you are one of them, don’t worry. The ACEABOVE [Stand Feature] Galaxy Note 4 Wallet Case will not interfere the using of S-pen or the heart rate sensor. It is unobstructive and that is the big advantage for me since I use S-pen frequently in my busy day.

The beneficial feature that I’d like to highlight is the stand on the backside of the case. The stand works well and it is great to convert the device into semi-permanent mini multimedia center. it is not going to be sturdy when tapped away but it is standing well if your necessity is watching your favorite videos.

I personally love the appearance and features though it is not purposely for a heavy duty protection. But... who wants to treat their phone badly? If there is, he/she is insane. But for this case, I am truly convinced that the case will absorb most accidental impacts.
Since it is a wallet case, there is one downside of the design. The magnetic strap does not work well if you add credit card. Though there are slots for credit card, the magnetic strap does not work maximally. However, this is not a big deal.

This is an impressive inexpensive cover! You don’t have to spend high bucks for cases. This is an excellent investment. The quality feels like 50 bucks and this case feels like a steal.

Overall, I’d like to recommend this case to folks that are not too clumsy to protect their device regarding the thin layered protector. With the extra pocket space, you can carry charge cable and the battery to supply the power on the go.

You will be the judge, and you will decide it.

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