IZENGATE Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Wallet Case

IZENGATE Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Wallet Case
If you want to protect and personalize your Note 4 with such stylish and sturdy case, then IZENGATE Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Wallet Case is for you. It is very simple to install, you just need to snap on to the back and you are ready to go.

You will love this case not only for its function, but it offers such appealing style addition to your device. You perhaps think that you will be annoyed by other usual case which forces you to remove the case first before charging the battery. But you don’t have to worry. You can charge your Note 4 without having to remove it first.

As soon you received your wallet case in the front of your door, your first impression will be positive. Your phone will be fit in the slot, so you do not have to worry about the device coming loose. The built quality of IZENGATE Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Wallet Case is very good and the case you apply is very sturdy and durable. With a nice leathery feel, this case banishes all the speculation about too heavy case.

The winning side about this item is that it has 4 slots including ID slot. It may be not enough if you like to carry a lot of cards. However, I don’t see any problem when carrying IDs, and credit cards. The spine is wide enough to provide space for credit cards and some money without pushing against screen. At least that I can tell you if you worry about your screen. The flap is non-magnetic. This is great because it does not affect the dead area on the phone.

There are no complaints about difficulties in charging the phone in the case. However, ones should notice when getting the S Pen requires cautious precision to protect both phone and case.

This is the perfect fit and just enough room for few important cards and some bills. The snap seems tight but it does not mean strictly obstruct yourself from storing your important cards.

So you will love the handset wallets for the accessibility, the IZENGATE Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Wallet Case can give it all. This is very elegant and appealing handset case for your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It covers your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 entirely. If it is dropped, as long as you don’t drop it from 15th floors of your office, there is no part of the phone that can get damaged or scratched.

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