Spigen Tough Armor Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Spigen Tough Armor Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Do you need an armor to protect your Note 4? Well... Spigen Tough Armor Case for Galaxy Note 4 would be the perfect answer for this question. As the name suggests, it is sturdy and strong protector, ensuring your Note 4 is protected the whole day.

Spigen Tough Armor Case for Galaxy Note 4 features dual protection from TPU and polycarbonate. Thanks to the technology that develops the web pattern TPU case that results in advanced shock absorption technology. This will ensure that your phablet will be in one piece after bumped accidentally. Of course this case is compatible with any version of Note 4.

When I was asked by my friend about the most reliable protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 4, one of the most prominent items that I'd like to recommend to him is this case. Let's see from the appearance aspect. It has such stunning design. I can say that it appears as sleek and sharp case for Note 4, in my opinion, the case features the aesthetics. It emphasizes the remarkable design of the phablet.

I don't have any objection with the kickstand so far. Folks maybe did not use it well since I've seen some complaints about it. However, a friend of mine used this and have not had any problem at all. It is never loose. It locks well into te case.The kickstand is enough to convert your Note 4 to be small media center on your desk.

All the ports are accessible. For instance, the microphone holes are cut well and they both align perfectly. This is perfect fit for anyone. It is tight enough to keep your handset in place but also allows you to take your handset out without any hassle.

This case keeps the camera safe when lying flat on a surface. It is scratch resistance. You may have thousands causes to drop your phone but this case gives your handset enough protection to keep it in one piece. Through this case, there is enough room to protect your handset camera and sensors. That way back won't get scratched.

I love the design. I would also highlight the rubber part of the handset since it helps to prevent the slippage. Perhaps some folks will have a little problem with the back since it is sleek plastic. But the plastic does make the handset look attractive. If you want to have all rubber look, you may seek elsewhere. I totally understand with that issue.

It is a sturdy, stylish and remarkable case for your phone. Consider this to keep your handset in one piece.

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