JOTO Galaxy Note 4 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Galaxy Note 4 Tempered Glass Screen Protector
If you are looking screen protector for your Galaxy Note 4, I am suggesting you to check Galaxy Note 4 Tempered Glass Screen Protector from JOTO. This accessory ranks #156 in Cell Phone Accessories in Amazon. That is one of the reasons why I chose to review this item.

To begin let’s take a look at JOTO Galaxy Note 4 Tempered Glass Screen Protector features:
1. 9H Hardness Surface with HD transparency
2. True touch sensitivity
3. 0.33 Thickness
4. Round edge integration
5. Bubble free installation
6. Scratch resistant
7. Shock resistant
8. Anti-oil
9. Anti-fingerprints
10. Exclusively for Galaxy Note 4

I’ve heard this product so many times and then decided to write honest review about it. Most folks wrote the reviews about the protectors being too small. This is due to the design created by Samsung which aim to follows the latest Note 4 with curved glass edges. There is no way to attach flat objects to a sharply designed surface. No matter what kinds of material for the protectors, it would not stay put on the curved edges.

That is the reason why most developers create screen protector which is smaller than the screen. You can’t expect screen protector larger than the screen. However, they come off at the edges, accumulate dirt and dust, and fall off often. The JOTO Galaxy Note Tempered Glass Screen Protector is designed purposely to protect the screen and avoid the accumulated dirt or dust on the edges of the protector.

At first I use this screen protector I was nervous that I would end up misplace the screen protector and having to fix it and then have bubbles. Well, that is a common case, right? However, purchasing Galaxy Note 4 Tempered Glass Screen Protector from JOTO will get rid of those speculations. The instructions added to the package is no-brainer and all the materials are well prepared. It even comes with a little alcohol to clean the screen in advance installing screen protector on it.

As long as you follow each step well, the tempered glass screen protector will be nicely placed. When the last step which is placing the glass down completed, so your smartphone will be 100% protected.

Looking at the price tag, I can conclude that this is great product. It has great price, great quality, and easy to use instructions. I’d recommend to anyone who has relative or friend who likes to drill the smart phones. Though I haven’t tested it with any sharp objects but it is very great. The screen is indeed protected well with TOJO Galaxy Note 4 Tempered Glass Screen Protector.

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