Verus [Card Slot Case] Galaxy Note 4 Case

Verus [Card Slot Case] Galaxy Note 4 Case

This is the honest review about Verus [Card Slot Case] Galaxy Note 4 Case. This case is very proficient and suitable for your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 model. If you have not found the best case for your Note 4 yet, then you need to see this review.

Verus [Card Slot Case] Galaxy Note 4 Case is designed well for high-end user like you. It is precisely design for both domestic & international Note 4. If you are fond of slim case, this is the perfect item. It is tough yet slim and has hardshell construction which contributes to its sturdiness.

It also has scratch resistant coating for scratch protection. It definitely prevent the reckless guy who play his phone and drop it accidentally. Well with dual layered protection, you will not harm your phone by dropping or scratch it.

Verus [Card Slot Case] Galaxy Note 4 Case, as the name suggests, possesses the convenient card storage to carry your IDs or credit cards safely. This is very practical and efficient. You do not have to grab your wallet everytime you need your credit cards. Another aspect that makes me interested in this item is the luxurious matt finish with lay on the table design. It is very convenient to watch video, or to just simply sit your phone standing on the table for better view angle.

I can say that it is pretty good case. The card holder can hold up to 2 thick cards or 3 thin cards. Those number is good enough to me since I have 3 cards that I have to carry on my daily life. I no longer need to carry them inside my wallet.

Thiscase will help your smartphone from getting messed up. It has a great and thin design it's also an important aspect that can make a smartphone sit well on your hands. Usually, it fits perfectly and I'm sure that it wouldn't be slimmer than this design because of its style.

But you need to purchase additional screen protector if you need to protect your screen from scratch, since this case does not come with additional screen protector. Well it can be downside for some people but I personally think that this item is good in its own way. I just need to add little more for much protection. So, it is worth the money.

At the first time I hardly opened the card compartment. However, after a day of usage, the slide can be opened a lot easier. While at the same time it is tight enough to protect your items inside. I love the black rubber design which sticks out a little on the back. The cover does not scratch, means that it is very sturdy. With $19.99 from Amazon, why not investing that amount to make your Note 4 looks new the whole time?

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