Goospery Galaxy Note 4 Case [Rich Diary] Wallet Journal Case

Goospery Galaxy Note 4 Case [Rich Diary] Wallet Journal Case
This review is about Goospery Galaxy Note 4 Case [Rich Diary] Wallet Journal Case. In your busy day, it is natural that you want to protect your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 no matter what. You want it looks new and elegant all the day. Well, the solution for you is covering your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with sturdy and reliable case.

Goospery Galaxy Note 4 Case [Rich Diary] Wallet Journal Case is the perfect solution to protect your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. This item ensures the protection that will keep your smartphone durability and appearance. It also offers anti-shock benefits. Of course it will help you a lot if you are in the busy day using your handset.

Inside the case, you can store your personal ID, cards, and bills. You can add up to 5 ID cards for a maximum capacity. But if you are colorful person, then this case has 9 different tow tone colors. Moreover, the case gives such extravagant look.

If you are guessing which materials are used for this item, you probably would think about polyurethane. Yes, it is correct! The protective cover made of TPU – Thermoplastic Polyurethane and it is finished with the luxurious PU synthetic leather.

Regarding the case quality, it is better value than other more expensive models of the competitors. Also, I’d like to highlight the champagne gold color. To be honest, I actually have wanted this color for so long time. And this case seems answer my dream. The champagne gold color is not a trivia. You'll get it as same as pictured - you'll love it! The material feel like remarkable quality. Just in case you splatter a little food on the cover, you can clean the case very easily.

I love the idea about this case which has the built-in wallet so that the handset users can holds more cards than any other handset case I have checked. You don’t need to hesitate to put your credit cards to the card holder since its flap closes to help protect the screen of the handset.

Since it is purposely designed for Samsung Galaxy Note 4, it is guaranteed that your Note 4 would fit like a glove. Some folks have been complaining about common case which makes losing sound when receiving or making a call. But this case ensures that won’t happen. I think, this is truly satisfying product you want to check to protect your Note 4 - and it looks awesome!

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