Spigen [ALUMINUM BUMPER] Galaxy Note 4 Case

Spigen [ALUMINUM BUMPER] Galaxy Note 4 Case
It comes with the remarkable combination of TPU and aluminum frame to protect your handset from dropping and scratch. Unlike the common cases, it is slim and its form fit to your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. This is to show the perfect shape of your device. Then you would notice the metalized polycarbonate control buttons that does a lot of contribution to enhance the stylish look.

Spigen [ALUMINUM BUMPER] Galaxy Note 4 Case also has advanced shock absorption technology. This feature ensures the maximum protection for your phablet against the unavoidable shock.

Now, let's find out the overview about this case. I've done my personal research about it on some customers who had been using the case. And here is the result.

As folks have mentioned, the mic holes at the bottom of the phone does not line up. Well, it is perhaps a problem for some users since they possibly do not hear other people say. Anyway, it's not a big case. The perception is very relative. This is tough armor and sturdy case. If you have Note 4, I would suggest you to purchase this. Anyway, it seems there was an issue with people who used Verizon Note 4. They mentioned about the difficulty in accessing the mic hole. If you have the ATT or TMO version, then you should be OK.

But if you are convinced to purchase this case though you have Note 4 from Verizon, it can be tricky. You just need to fix a little problem with the hole. You can make the hole little bigger and open it up so that the handset mic port will be exposed. The rest of all, you don't have to worry about anything.

This case is a remarkable bumper style premium case combined with TPU and Polycarbonate combination. I'm convinced with the look of this case since it is fitted for Note 4. The metalized buttons that emphasize the accent of your handset looks very good. You can buy this directly from amazon and see that the proficient case comes with affordable price and guarantee.
So, what are you waiting for?

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