Galaxy Note 3 - release date and price

The successful launch of Samsung Galaxy S4 will now be followed by the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Regarding the launch date of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, all rumors give the third quarter of 2013, given that the long awaited OLED display technology that Note 3 will be equiped with, will not be so easily accomplished . Its display is expected to have 6.3 inches, and according to Samsung's officials, the launch will take place in September.

Regarding the starting price of the Galaxy Note 3, all the rumors we have so far does not offer too many details, but it is expected to have a higher price than the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, since it has a disply much higher, at 6.3. inches.

Rumored price for this smartphone that looks more like a tablet, but has the design of a  phone, is around $937, an the rumor will likely be confirmed in the coming weeks. First certainty regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is that it will have a screen of 6.3 inches with OLED technology.

Same screen of 6.3 inches may be reflected in near future also in Samsung Galaxy S5. The display of the Galaxy S4, with AMOLED technology, will be incorporated and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, may be moe flexible, more thinner and more resistant to shocks than Samsung Galaxy S4, thus, those from Samsung is trying to make glass screen better withstand shocks and to bend rather than break. From Smasung Galaxy Note 3 we wait a more efficient and much faster processor, a much higher resolution screen and many more applications available for S Pen.

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