Galaxy Note Edge - a big failure or the next step in smartphones evolution?

Galaxy Note Edge - a big failure or the next step in smartphones evolution?

After several experiments related to sizes made by Samsung in the previous years with different smartphones, in 2014 a new one was did with Galaxy Note Edge, that brought to public an edge curved screen. At first look it's very similar to Note 4 and you can name it a Note 4 Edge, but it's far away more than what it seems to be...

The main purposes of the edge screen are to bring more functionality to this phablet, a quick access to the main functions (that can be highly customized), and to save the battery power for some common apps. If we count the premium materials used for building this phablet, then we can consider it a Galaxy Note 4 Premium that has the potential to extend it's user interface with an edge screen that can help people to do more activities in a shorter time.

If we're watching to Note Edge from the above point of view , then it sounds great, but... in real life (in practice), usually things are at least a little different! So, there are many people who are considering Galaxy Note Edge a big failure! They don't consider the edge screen as an additional interface that was designed to help them to do more tasks in a shorter time - actually they find it useless!

My personal opinion is that a smartphone is a success or a fail accordingly to the people who are holding it in their hands. I'm sure that a business man will say that Galaxy Note Edge is the biggest successful innovation made in the smartphones industry, while a bimbo definetly will find it useless. Anyway, for me it's clear that Note Edge is a premium smartphone designed for business class, and in that case this phablet will not record a huge volume of sales, like the previous models...

What's your opinion? Write it here!

3 Inactive Features of Galaxy Note 4 you Need to Know

3 Inactive Features of Galaxy Note 4 you Need to Know

This is one of the best smartphones in the world, and even if a huge advertising campaign budget tried to broadcast the most important and impressive feature of Samsung Galaxy Note 4, many of these are still inactive and even unknown by most owners of this phablet...

The main reasons for several features of Note 4 are delivered inactive by the manufacturers are related to performance and lifetime battery. Each time you'll activate a new feature, it means your smartphone will need more processing powers, more RAM and more energy power. So, Samsung delivered this phablet with limited active features, that are considered as an optimum way to interact with the gadget accordingly to the needs of the most people (and usually, the activated features exceeds the common needs of most of us).

But for some people, some inactive features (sometimes considered as hidden features) are very useful, especially when the time for doing some tasks is critical, or we need an advanced functionality related to S Pen, photo/video camera, communications, etc.

So, I consider that next 3 inactive features are a must:

- Handwriting for S Planner: Settings > S Pen > Direct Pen Input;
- Caller Information: Settings > Calls > Show Caller Information;
- Air View: Settings -> S Pen -> Air View;

Also, very interesting seems to be for selfies the tapping the heart rate monitor, that will help you to take a clear selfie, and the Snap Note feature, that allows you to extract the text from a picture and save it into a personal note.

ps: these tips are available for Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, too..

When we'll get Android 5.0 Lollipop?

When we'll get Android 5.0 Lollipop?

A few days ago Samsung Galaxy S5 devices from South Korea received a new update, so they got Android Lollipop installed, but in most countries the existing users are very nervous in expecting the Lollipop OS. Many rumors started to arrive from everywhere, but no source offered some certain release dates for each country or mobile carrier.

That's happening because it would be a high failure to offer the update to all countries in the same day - what would happen if one or a few major Lollipop bugs would cause big troubles? What would happen if a bug would block 30% of smartphones on first two hours after turning on your smartphone? Or... what would happen if the SMS function of your mobile phone will start sending a few tens of SMS messages from hour to hour (the mobile carriers stability would be seriously threatened).

So, that's one of the main reasons for smartphones get the new Android update at different days and not for all models in the same time: to be sure that all runs well, how it was planned, and to keep the customer satisfaction at high levels... Anyway, while in Europe the update will come until the end of 2014 for Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4, in United States the update is expected in first half of January, 2015 (In US people are very demanding, and every minor bug could be a big trouble for Lollipop related to customer satisfaction).

Related to the new enhancements of Android 5.0 Lollipop, there are some improvements for battery life,  the fingerprint recognition was enhanced, several native applications was redesigned, the smartphone performance was increased, new lockscreen notifications was introduced, etc.

Galaxy Note 5 Specs - What's Your Wishlist?

Galaxy Note 5 Specs - Wishlist

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was released several months ago and it seems it's a phablet that is placed too far away beyond most expectations of fans, even of critics... So, it's just a matter of time since almost all people will start questioning themselves about the future specs of next version of this smartphone.

It's useless to start speculating the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 specs while Galaxy S6 will not be released, but we can build a specs wishlist based on most technology innovations related to CPU, GPU, RAM, storage, card slot, photo/video camera, communication standards, display, etc.

So, Note 4 already has a Snapdragon 805 CPU, and it's expected (september, 2015) to get at least a Snapdragon 808 CPU (with Adreno 418 GPU) in order to keep a stable and not overheated gadget. To keep the trend of its main competitors it's possible for Note 5 to get the 810 version from Qualcomm, but with the same problems related to that CPU... Also, the most probable Note 5 will have 4GB of RAM.

It's display will be about the same size (or maybe with 0.1 to 0.3 more inches), a new technology needs to be implemented for better performances in the field of "colors"; it might be for the first time when Samsung will bring to markets a smartphone that will includes a smartphone with 128GB internal memory storage version (so we could have 3 versions: 32GB/64GB/128GB); it's not expected an improvement for the card slot in order to upgrade the memory storage with 256GB microSD memory cards; primary camera will increase between 3Mpx to 5Mpx and the secondary camera up to 5Mpx (here are expected innovations in video performances to increase the number of frames per seconds - 256fps? - it's less probable). Also, a bigger battery will be required and that means a bigger weight for next Samsung Galaxy Note 5...

Some publications speculated a compatibility with 5G communication standard, but I think it's 99% impossible because this standard is expected to be implemented around of 2020.

Best microSD memory cards for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 & Note Edge

Best microSD memory card for Galaxy Note 4 & Note Edge

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a high performance smartphone/phablet, but sometimes its internal memory storage could not be enough for all files, videos, photos and applications we want to use.

The only option to solve the problem of limited internal storage memory is to use an microSD memory card, to store outside of internal memory the videos and photos we made with our phablet, any kind of data files and even to move most installed applications from internal memory of Note 4 to the microSD memory card.

So, what's the best microSD memory card for Galaxy Note 4?

There are two main factors that should determine you to choose best microSD memry card: size and speed!

- Size: there is no logical to use 32GB microSD memory cards or smaller, based on the fact that your phablet internal memory (32GB) wasn't enough for your needs, so, you need bigger microSd memory cards: 64GB or 128GB (Note 4 doesn't support larger microSD memory cards).

- Speed: you can find microSD memory cards that's incredibly fast, especially those ones that support UHS-1 standard, but... there is a very big problem: it seems that Note 4 doesn't support UHS-1 standard, so, there is no practical need to buy an Ultra High Speed (UHS) microSD card, that's very expensive and in a way... useless to use it for Note 4.

Usually, Galaxy Note 4 benchmarking tests revealed that its records can rich up to ~ 62MB/s read speed and ~ 48MB/s write speed. So, you should choose a microSD card that don't have lower performances (also, too high performances for these values means a bigger price for you for same benefits).


You should choose at least a 64GB microSD memory card, even 128GB one if you're using very much data, photos, videos and apps. Also, don't forget to check the read and speed specifications of your next microSD memory card: around ~ 62MB/s read speed and ~ 48MB/s write speed.

If you still have troubles to choose one, then you can take a look to specs of these microSD memory cards to find what's the best for your Galaxy Note 4 or Note Edge.


The Price of Galaxy Note 4 is dropping to $199

The Price of Galaxy Note 4 is dropping to $199

Discounts days are the most expected days anytime and fans o Galaxy Note 4 have some unique opportunities to get this smartphone at cheapest possible prices. Of course you can get huge discounts for many other gadgets, but this smartphone is a must have phablet for every self respected US citizen.

Don't hesitate too much for shopping this days, and if you want to get a big deal, then you should stay online for several hours to hunt the best discounts for Note 4. TIP - there are different discounts at different hours and after several visits, like: on 1st visit you find available a huge discount; at second visit, after one half an hour or more, you have a bigger discount (with a few percents), after another period of time you can get even a bigger discount.

Related to Note 4, among its main specs, I want to remeber to you and emphasize that it has a very powerful processor (2.7GHz Quad Core CPU or an Octa Core CPU: 1.9GHz Quad + 1.3GHz Quad Core CPU), 3 GB of RAM, 32GB of internal memory storage that can be extended with an external memory card (up to 128 microSD card, a very performance rear camera (16Mpx with Live HDR and Smart OIS), a 3.7Mpx front camera that allows you to make Selfies at 90º or even wide selfies at 120º, the S Pen has now 2,048 pressure levels, etc.

It's considered 2nd best smartphone of the year (after Galaxy Note Edge), and now you have the unique chance to get it very cheap, as unlocked version or from main US mobile carriers: Verizon, T-Mobile, Spring, etc. So, good luck!

iPhone 6 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4

iPhone 6 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4

I know that you have heard of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the iPhone 6 Plus. We all know a lot of things about these two devices and they can power some great features that no one has known probably. But which is the better phone?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a way faster phone with a more HD screen and its more durable compared to the iPhone 6 Plus. The iPhone 6 Plus has a screen of 401 PPI (Pixels per inch) while the Note 4 has a 515 PPI (Pixels per inch) which is an insane difference. That means that the Note 4 has 114 more PPI per inch than the iPhone, think about it, and another 114 pixels per inch than the iPhone, that means more HD.

The iPhone 6 Plus as of right now comes with IOS 8 while the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes with Android 4.4 TouchWiz which has hundreds of more options than the iPhone. IPhones always seem to do the same thing every year, you can get IOS 8 on your iPhone 5 and on the iPhone 6 Plus and it will be the same thing, the only difference is the way it will look and cost hundreds of more dollars. Wouldn’t you rather have a phone that has new features every time a new one will come out?

Many people think that the iPhone camera is better for selfies but you guys are really wrong, the iPhone 6 Plus is supposed to have an amazing camera but yet the front facing camera is only 1.2 Megapixels while the Note 4 has a front facing camera that is 3.7 Megapixels, that is almost 3 times better and you can play with more options on the Note 4. The back camera on the iPhone 6 Plus has a 8 Megapixel camera which is really amazing, but the Note 4 has an amazing 16 Megapixel 4K Video recorder which means is has a super clear and high resolution video.

Each minute may take more memory on the Note 4 but it won’t be a huge difference but it will be worth it. The Note 4 comes with a 2.7GHz quad core processor with 3G of ram, but the iPhone 6 plus has a slow A8 or M8 processor; it is so slow they don’t even want to tell you the speed of it and neither about the RAM so you won’t go of buying other phones.

Personally, I think Android is better in thousands of ways because it is more customizable than IOS. The Note 4 is only .2 inches bigger but those 2 inches make a big difference on HD compared to the iPhone. Next time you go look at phones, look at the Note 4 and the iPhone 6 Plus and you will see a huge difference.

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