Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs. Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs. Samsung Galaxy S6
Fans of Samsung Galaxy series must be enthusiastic to welcome the commencing of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Samsung Galaxy S6. Now the thing is, which one is suitable for them? Suppose you are a Samsung Galaxy fan, you probably doubt about your own decision until you see the significant difference between Note 4 and S6. Thus you can decide which handset is suitable for you. I am going to share certain points that make me interested to compare the Note 4 and S6.

We know that Samsung Galaxy S6 is the most anticipated Android Smartphone of the past few months. The design of S6, just as the fans expected, is the straight update version of Galaxy S5. The S6 emphasizes the new design and user-friendly interface concepts that could become the norm at Samsung. Some words that can represent the remarkable design of the S6 are the ergonomics, user interface speed, design and materials. The industrial design of Glass and Metal is the premium material which makes the device looks a lot better in the real world than in the display photo or screen shots.

On the other hand, Galaxy Note 4 is also the best awaited phone on the market. It is a device that will leverage your prestige and pride. Thanks to the device’s elegant and classy design, sturdy build, remarkable screen and solid body. Despite the large size, Samsung has made it one handed experience better than the competitors. Ones who are used to tap their phone by one-handed can take benefit from the prestigious handset.

Galaxy S6 comes with Quad HD (2560 x 1440 pixels) Super AMOLED display. It proves that Samsung never misses a beat when it deals with the display screen quality. On the other side, Note 4 also gets the attention. It offers super-bright QHD Display. However, there is slightly difference in term of pixels density. S6 is a bit higer at 577 ppi while Note 4 comes with 515 ppi. The outcome is S6 may appear a tad sharper. However, the difference can not be noticed at a glance. In term of quality, I can be sure that there is no huge gap between Note 4 and S6.

S6’s camera is one of the most remarkable we’ve ever seen. It sports the similar 16 MP Sony IMX240. But the stunning thing is that it is faster to activate. You can just double tap the home button, and VOILA. The camera of Note 4 is also incredible, but the speed is a bit slower which means it is hands-down the victor.

For my personal opinion, S6 can be the winner. It looks and feels better. It is slimmer, lighter and trendier. However, if you are up to S-Pen stylus and larger screen, then Note 4 is just for you.
So, which device you would prefer?

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