LED Flip Cover (Charcoal Grey Black) for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

LED Flip Cover (Charcoal Grey Black) for Samsung Galaxy Note 4
It is one of the best smartphone covers with a lot of smart features. The LED Flip Cover (Charcoal Grey Black) for Note 4 will amaze you when attaching it to your handset. As the name suggests, it does have LED display to inform the users about their device status. You can see the notifications such as calls, messages, battery status, and volume to nae a few.The installation is very quickly and easy without opening the cover.

From my personal research results, most folks who have been using this product have no complaint at all. The slim case is convenient to carry. It also has convenient card slots on the back of the flip cover but it does not make your phone looks bulky. This still keep the slimming stuff. Edge coating on the LED covers is also important thing that makes this cover incredible. It provides the premium and exclusive finish along together with A Samsung original accessory. This gives your hands better feeling of grip. You will also feel secured since your handset secured.

It also comes with auto screen power. It has automatic screen on/off the Note. It will automatically turn your screen on or off when you open or close the cover.

In the cover's display, you can check the time, battery, miscalls, text messages notificaton, and many others. This item, not like other cases, keeps your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 slim thanks to the thin and compact design with a built-in card pocket.

This is an amazing nice looking case. Folks keep questioning what it is and they can play around with it. I would like to give 9 points out of 10 since it is sturdy protector for your handset. It is definitely not the most durable and strongest case out there, but it has the perfect job to cover the entire scren and the edges. This is great to protect your handset from daily scratches.

In my opinion, it is one of the most prominent cases among all smartphones on earth. It is very exclusive and elegant. Since it is purposely made for Note 4, it obviously suits Note 4 very well.

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