Galaxy Note 8 is slower than iPhone 7

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It's no longer a secret that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will use exactly the same processors like Galaxy S8: Snapdragon 835 and Exynos 8895.
Because Galaxy Note 8 has 6GB of RAM, many fans had expected a better processor than S8's, how Samsung often used in the past with the previous Galaxy Note versions. Also, the battle between Samsung and Apple always had the biggest clashes with Galaxy Note series as winners. But this time the Note 8 lost the battle. Is it related to the previous Note failure (with battery)? Maybe the designers and engineers couldn't find a better combination for increased hardware specs, at least related to CPU.

Anyway, there would be a hope: maybe Samsung Galaxy Note 8's processor could run at a higher frequency. Sincerly, it's very less probable if we take in consideration that the CPU can become hotter. And another incidents, like the battery explosion, would mean a total failure for Galaxy Note series.

But, if you count the software optimization, the 6GB of RAM (maybe a faster RAM), and a few other specs, you'll get a little more superiority over S8.

Now I understand the main reason for Samsung is releasing the Note 8 a few days sooner than iPhone 8 release date... For next year, I hope that Galaxy Note 9 will break the ice of Note series problems, else many fans will be forced to take in consideration other brands...

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