Yootech SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 4 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Yootech SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 4 Tempered Glass Screen Protector
This is the best Note 4 screen protector designed for your device against scratcches and drops. You will get ultra HD clear with decent touch screen accuracy, perfect for those who have active fingers working with their device in regular basis.

Yootech SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 4 Tempered Glass Screen Protector with premium tempered glass screen protector won't make your phone seems bulky. Instead, the sturdy screen protector is great to guard against scratches and drops.

It is designed slightly smaller than the actual screen of the device since the handset has the curved edges of the phones. This item will improve the installation process and cover the protectors. It is the direct solution for those who complain about the damage by dusts.

With this screen protector , you will be given an incredible lifetime warranty with the screen protector. No matter how long you have used the screen protector, Yootech will make a replacement or refund if the screen protector does not fit your Note 4 screen size. The other thing to get warranty is that there are unremovable bubbles during the installation, and last but not least, if the screen protector is torn during the normal use.

Well, I can say that this is premium tempered glass screen protector since it gives you lifetime warranty. It is made with rounded edges of screen protector. Yootech is proud with its product. It guarantees that you will have no bubbles when installing the screen protector. The installation is easy. You can do that even without reading the manual.

The glass screen protector is high quality product with great pricce. The installation is quick and easy. After the purchase, you will also get a wet wipe and dry wipe along with a tape to collect the dust. The screen protector covers just fit from the sides to the top and bottom side of the screen.

In my opinion, this is a kicking item. I am more than impressed with the value of this item since Yootech gives lifetime warranty. This will directly make a peace of mind of yours. No bubbles, easy to apply, what else do you want?

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