iBeats by Dr. Dre iBeats In-Ear Headphones for Samsung Galaxy smartphones

iBeats by Dr. Dre iBeats In-Ear Headphones for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S6
These headphones are for those who want to have brilliant experience in audio entertainment. This is the precised single billet metal housing headphones that prevent any spoiler from surrounding environment. When wearing iBeats by Dr. Dre iBeats In-Ear Headphones, you will no longer annoying vibrations and unwelcome sound from tainting your listening music experience.

These headphones are also strong and sturdy headset. It is perfect match for your gadget, more especially if you are an active person. It does not matter how you will treat the headphones. You can pristine or throw them in and out of your bag, these will not be broken. You don't have to worry about them breaking or defecting.

These headphones make the users' experience easier. You will not have to worry about the incoming calls while you are listening to the songs. You can easily switch the feature. There is no need to take off your headphones or talk into your smartphone like you usually do when using walkie talkie. You can directly communicate with your headphones since it has built-in mic. More over, these headphones are higly compatible with last generation smartphones, like Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or Galaxy S6.

The ultra flexible and tangle free cables make you free to move and act while wearing the headphones. You don't have to worry about the surrounding. The ear buds are look alike and awesome. You won't be disappointed when they are arrived in the front of your house's doors.When you listen to the music, you will notice that headphones are still amazing.

The headphones ensure the good sounds production. So be sure to put a lot of songs you want to hear in your device.

Speaking about the colors choice,  these headphones comes in white, chrome, and black aluminum. The colors refer to the metalic earpieces, the cable and the beats logo are red on all models. You can see the diamond-shaped ControlTalk remote control and mic for the device is located on the left side of the ear's cable. Though it is not the best placement, it does not appear to be a big trouble for the former customers.

The ear tips offer a safe fit and seal out some ambient noise. You will enjoy your own audio entertainment without any interruption from outside world. You can live in your own world.

Rokit Boost SwageU Bluetooth Headphones for Samsung Galaxy smartphones

Rokit Boost SwageU Bluetooth Headphones for Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Do you want to boost your audio experience with your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or Galaxy S6? If you want to enjoy by a crystal quality of audio, then Rokit Boost SwageU Bluetooth Headphones might be a good choice for you. This offers the greatest quality of audio that adds great depth to any music or content which you are listening.

But it does not end up there. These headphones are built with microphone which ease your access to make a wireless communication with your friends, family, or colleagues. The users of the headphones can asily make a communication for up to 5 feet away from the handset with the these headphones tethered to the device. Magnificent, isnt it? With these headphones you can hope for up to 8 hours of music playback time and for up to 100 hours of standby time.

It suports 2 bluetooth compatible smartphones that have been connected directly. Of course this is such remarkable features for both average and advanced customers.

When you have these headphones, you will enhance your audio experience. EQ for best sound control is one of the enhancements you can enjoy. The headphones also come with memory flex neck strap. For those who have handsfree dialing, this can support the feature also.

These headphones also come with reliable wireless pairing provided by Bluetooth Version 4.0 technology. These headphones will support your communication with a built-in mic and hands free communication.

The headsets are perfect for listening audio books and music. You can catch up with your family while wearing the headphones as you work around the home. The first thing you will say is that you are comfortable to wear it and listen to the music from it.

Speaking about the sound quality, it is very good and the dynamic range is something that you will fairly enjoy there. You can use them for any device as long as the jack is matching. Now you can lay your device down in the living room and walk about 30 feet away in any direction you want. And one thing for sure, it has very good reception.

Overall I do like the features of these headphones and I would recommend it to you.

Spigen [ALUMINUM BUMPER] Galaxy Note 4 Case

Spigen [ALUMINUM BUMPER] Galaxy Note 4 Case
It is a new neo hybrid metal premium bumper case, which of course as the name suggests, offers the sturdy and safe protection for your phablet. The Aluminum frame with TPU slim fit dual layer protective bumper case is awesomely designed for your Note 4.

It comes with the combination of TPU and aluminum frame that protects your phablet from dropping and scracthing. If you are looking for slim case for your smartphone, then this is perfect answer for you. Spigen [ALUMINUM BUMPER] Galaxy Note 4 Case comes with slim and form fitted shape to enhance the real shape of your handset. And you will notice such contemporary and stylish look that the case offers for your device, this is due to high quality metalized polycarbonate control buttons.

It is the actual decent of the item. Though there are some folks have few issues like recessed mic etc, this is not a big deal.

This case could be one of the things you have been looking for. As the time goes by, the needs of protection is also grown and even changed. Or from time to time you need something you are going to hate, such as the case that can make your handset bulky, or sometimes you need something that is the opposite. As long as you consider the best protector for it, you will have peace of mind.

There are obviously pros and cons about this case. However, you don't have to worry about this. It does not matter what other people think about this item, what matters is the answer you need. And this is your answer in term of smart phone protection.

The aluminum bumper is something rare and it does give an answer for those who have been active with their gadget on daily basis. And if you are one of them, it is better to learn about this case. If you are still comparing perhaps you will end up with the wrong case. So, just try it!

Obliq [Card Kickstand] Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Case

Obliq [Card Kickstand] Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Case
It is a premium heavy duty dual layered case which is purposely designed for your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I'd recommend this for you since it is not just an ordinary case for smart phone. It is slim, fitting, lightweight, shock resistant, scratch resistant, tear resistant, anti-fingerprint, and anti slip. What else do you need?

I know that a lot of people don't like that their smartphone looks bulky and thicker. But using Obliq [Card Kickstand] Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Case will benefits you in this term. You will be carrying your smart phone without having worry about feeling bulky and thick. It is precisely made for anti shock, and protection for dropping. The fitting shape of the case is well made and constructed with soft core.

The extra slim does not mean that the case is not safe. In the opposite, it has extra side grip to cover your handset from accidental drops. Recently I mentioned about the anti slip feature of this case. Its buttons makes it happen. It will keep your handset safe from slipping.

Moreover, you can use the comfortable kickstand feature by insertingthe included kickstand card. This can let you convert your handset to be a small multimedia center that can be enjoyed by you and your friends. To make it happens, you can just insert the included kickstand card that comes in the package.

One other thing that I would like to notice is the form fitting case. The case blends very well with Note 4 body. I am also amazed with the sleek and rugged design of the case. No doubt that it is a great protector for your phablet.

I would give to this case 5 stars out of 5. The other thing that I would like to highlight is about the back of the case. It has such kicking feature. And the kickstand, it is just awesome.

This should be No.1 case for Note 4. If you ask me the reason, it is because the case fits perfectly and it still gives the smart phone the appealing look and the accent it deserves. So, there is no lose considering this case as the protector of your smartphone.

Slim Samsung GALAXY Note 4 Case Scorpion Black

Slim Samsung GALAXY Note 4 Case Scorpion Black
It is the perfect case for those who are fond of slim protector for their handset. If you are one of them, then this is so great since I would share my humble review with you. It is about Slim Samsung GALAXY Note 4 Case Scorpion Black that is integrated Note 4 tempered glass. It protects your phablet from every angle.

The integrated Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is made of high quality tempered glass. In the other side, the touch sensitive screen protector offers anti scratch solution and shatterproof protection for the display screen. Okay, your handset body is good, the display screen is also good. Anything else? Of course indeed.

I am not forgetting to mention about the stylish and elegant look that your handset will get after installing this case on it. The cool phone case is an irreplaceable experience. You can walk on the street and make people's head turn to your handset. I am not really surprise since this case gives it all. It has such distinctive look and fashionable statement.

Not like other cases, it not forget about the necessity of your handset usage. This also keeps your phone very functional. It is purposely designed to fit your phablet. It is engineered to the exact measurement of the Note 4. So, the users can access all buttons and ports with ease.

Since it is a protection for your handset, the case is insanely durable since it is made of durable hard plastic skeleton for the the durablity strength, and the TPU edges for absorbing the shock.

As mentioned before, this case offers maximum protection to the display screen. The curved polished edges allow the users to have easy access to the home button. You can see such smooth and sleek protective screen that is free from bubbles. And the installation is very easy. You don't even have to read the manuals to do the installation.

This case offers a such sexy, slim design that allows you to go wherever without any hassle since it give the style and protection at the same time. It has been loved by most users. Now it is your turn!

I-CARER Flip Cover Folio Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

I-CARER Flip Cover Folio Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 4
If you are looking for a decent leather case for your Note 4, you can count on I-CARER Flip Cover Folio Case. Since it is a leather case, it is not only good for protection for your handset, but also an appealing decoration to compliment your style and stand out from the folks.

When dealing with these important aspects, you can be satisfied to choose this case for Note 4. I would like to focus on he refinement and attention to humble review on it and every aspects why you should choose this as your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 protector.

Now the first highlight that I would like to review is the luxury design of the case. It comes with luxury corrected grain leather that shows the capability in abrasion resistance, toughness, permeability. That means it is suitable for an active person. So, in case you are using your handset actively, you should consider to purchase this case to make sure its safety and performance.

This case also comes with slot for essential ID or card. No need to worry anymore about extra space! You can store your important cards or ID into the case so that it make you easier to access them when you need them.

The stand feature is also remarkable. You can see your favorite HD video, movies, or just check the email by using this stand feature. Also, it has adjustable viewing angles, so, it offers flexibility. Unlike many other common cases, it is soft handle feeling and has velvety texture. You can also access to all buttons, ports, and camera easily without having to remove the case.

It is pure hand made product with full leather design. And I can guarantee that the hand feeling is on the top quality. There is no plastic snap in. You will notice that this case a has great texture of outer layer, making a good grip and it does not slip. This case also has scracth resistance and shock resistance.

It is purposely designed for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 only. So, it is a privilege case for you. Great case, providing nice protection with style, what else do you need?

Embell Cases - Galaxy Note 4 Leather Wallet Case

Embell Cases - Galaxy Note 4 Leather Wallet Case
It is high quality case to protect the Note 4. It is lightweight, slim, and sturdy to protect your phablet. You will notice the secure clip on shell designed or the Note 4 that will keep your smartphone perfectly in position.

For those who are looking for slim fitting design case for their phablet, Embell Cases - Galaxy Note 4 Leather Wallet Case is the perfect item . You will no longer see the unattractive and bulky phone that makes you depressed. No need to hide the real thing you carry since the smartphone with this case looks so elegant and sexy. The hand crafted case will make you proud to show it off.

There are still more from this case. You will notice the decent magnetic clasp allowing your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 case safely protected and closed. The magnet is placed without interfering the S-Pen space. The Camera and all controls are user-friendly. You can access all ports without any hassle. In the inside of the case, there are 3 slots for ID cards and credit cards. And there is also extra space to store some cash there. You will no longer worry about leaving home without any extra cash.

I'd like to praise the design of this wallet/case since all controls and camera are accessible through the precise cutaways in the case.

And if you think those features are enough for you, it is still not enough for the developer. You will also get a free screen protector with your purchase for extrqa protection against daily use.

This wallet case has a sleek and comfortable design. As mentioned before the design has enough room for 3 cards, and cash. You will be pleased if it comes with such compelling feature. It fits and grips your Note 4 handset well. Your handset will be kept secure and the case has openings so that you can easily access to all buttons and ports.

And what else do you need from a remarkable wallet case for Note4?

FIBEST Elegant Bag Design Wallet for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

FIBEST Elegant Bag Design Wallet for Samsung Galaxy Note 4
It is a unique bag design leather wallet phone case with such elegant and luxury design. It can personalize your smartphone to cuter and more beautiful appearance. FIBEST Elegant Bag Design Wallet is perfect for those who want to get a new dresser for their Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

When you purchase this wallet, it comes with one bag design leather case and one stylus pen. I'd recommend it for you because of strong reasons.

The first reason, it is purposely designed for your Note 4 and it is made of high quality material. Folks can not deny that high quality materials answer all the aspects of security and protection of the device. And yes indeed.

The wallet case offers the sturdy protection and prevents scratches, dirts, and accumulating bumps. The case is easy to install without any complex procedure. You can install it without any tools or damage. To make your phone outstanding, the wallet offers the unique and stylish designs.

You can take many benefits from this wallet with the quality for your smartphone. It has such features to be praised. Some of them are fake, some of them are original, and you can recognize that this wallet is real. Talking about the real product, you can take a lot of advantages you can have.

Having this wallet for your Note 4 will make you feel confident and different in a good way. You will be proud to carry your handset anywhere. You obviously will know why. With this wallet, especially with the great design and shape of this item, your phone will be enhanced in unimaginable way. The fabulous color and accents made of chosen materials will ensure the long lasting beauty of your handset.

Besides, having getting this wallet can benefit you a lot. It is beneficial for you and others. You will just love this.  It's a very sturdy and taft case. The well made case looks so fun and stylish. You will love the matching stylus pen. When you want to listen to your favorite songs, you can just simply hang it off your shoulder leaving your hands free. This is just awesome. I'd totally recommend this awesome item to you.

eFriend ACC5Star Galaxy Note 4 Case

eFriend ACC5Star Galaxy Note 4 Case
It is one of the best items so far for your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. If I may describe this item to several words, I would like to say "Hard", "Bling", "Fashionable", and "Stunning". Well, that is because it is the way it is. But hold on gentlemen, we should agree that this is only perfect for our girls. This is not our league.

However, I think I deserve to praise this ACC5Star Galaxy Note 4 Case and make a review about it.

It is perfect case for Note 4. It is very useful to protect your smart phone from bumps, shocks, and scratches. Also, the luxury case is perfect for daily usage.

Talking about the access, this item provides all. It covers your smartphone well while  provide easy access to side buttons, chargers, ports, and keypads without having to remove the protector case. For those who don't want to meet any hassle, this case is just perfect for you.

As mentioned before, it is only compatible with Note 4. When purchasing this item, you will get the fashion case cover, 10 x 15cm Green Gifts with ACC5Star cloth, and a high quality color stylus.

Yes, indeed. It is a brand new, high quality, and insanely clear case designed purposely for Samsung Galaxy Note 4. You can see the sparkling diamond embedded around the case that will make your Smart phone looks elegant and sexy. This is the perfect item to enhance your 360 degree appearance highlighted. When the case is on, you will surely draw a lot of positive attention.

And I can also say that this case is gorgeous. That is not all I can say. This is not the first main word that come up into my mind. You know that the bling can make you stunned. The great quality of the item and the satisfaction of yours is something that is irreplaceable.

It is a beautiful case and those who want to make themselves appealing with their accessories, it won't be complete without this case. I ever saw a girl walking down the street with her ACC5Star Galaxy Note 4 Case, and I was truly amazed not only because of her beauty, but also her handset.

i-Blason Armorbox Dual Layer Hybrid Full-body Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

i-Blason Armorbox Dual Layer Hybrid Full-body Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 4
It comes with decent slim profile dual layer armored protective case. The dual layer design body includes the flexible TPU inner core and the Polycarbonatefor the Hard shell. The i-Blason Armorbox Dual Layer Hybrid Full-body Protective Case also comes with a delight front cover along with included screen protector.

This will make your screen protected from scratch, dust or being shattered. This case is ultra light weight yet still giving a sturdy protection for your device. This item is suitable for those who are active in the whole  day. We both know that busy people can barely avoid any incident of their smart phone, small or big.

The dotted patterned inner TPU layer has its strong function. It does a lot of contribution to provide such excellent shock absorption. No further talking, the case got the look and function! It appears outstanding and protects your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 like no other cases.

I'd like to higlight certain improved features of this item. You can expect the dual layer protection which is obviously good for your physical phone protection. Looking at the contemporary design, it will be something that can make you proud while carrying it. On the other site, he signature front cover and the built-in screen protector is more than a value plus.

The Impact resistant bumper design will surely support your peaceful mind. When wearing your phone with this case covering it, you will have easy access to all buttons, ports, camera, speakers and other features.

This case is a great item for outdoor activities. For me, it is not important whether a case has belt or not. What matters is how sturdy a case can protect your phone from bump, drop, or anything. This case seems to be highest quality that I've ever meet. Everything lines up perfectly in this. You will love the whole front screen cover that covers the back button unlike the other common cases. High praise for a special design and high quality.

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