Battery and connectivity for Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Specs
The standard microSD card (16GB, 2GB or 64GB of internal storage) is already tested and provides performance, so from this  point of view, there will be no surprises.

Samsung has raised the stakes in terms of connectivity, so i expect Samsung Galaxy NOte 3 exceed previous version. It will have the entire range of wi-ficonnections, and the 4D technology will also be added.
We already know that the battery at Notes 2 has a very long lifetime because of the 3100 mAh battery, so there are no complaints about it. I personally expect a 3300mAh battery from Motorola. It remains to be seen. I expect wireless battery charging, as well for Samsung Galaxy S4.This is truly an innovation that will revolutionize the market. However, the release date is sometime in the fall of 2013 (around September). There are rumors that even the lion battery will reach 4000 mAh.
Currently the release date is uncertain, being taken into account that competition has already announced the launch date for Iphone 6, so it is possible that Korean manufacturers will advance the launch. I will tell you the updates here, on my blog.

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