Zerolemon Samsung Galaxy Note 4 10000 mAh Extended Battery

Zerolemon Samsung Galaxy Note 4 10000mah Extended Battery
If you are wondering the largest capacity battery for your Note 4, you won’t have to look anywhere but Zerolemon Samsung Galaxy Note 4 10000mAh Extended Battery can answer your question. This is the world’s highest capacity for Samsung Galaxy Note. With 10000mAh capacity, Zerolemon extended battery is 3 times larger in capacity than the original Samsung Galaxy Note 4 battery.

It comes with Rugged case that you must use to cover your handset. The 3 times larger capacity of this extended battery makes the handset influenced. Due to the oversize capacity, you will notice when your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 shows the 3% of battery life in the indicator for longer period.

This is a normal condition due to 10000mAh battery capacity. Though the battery life will vary depending on the usage of apps and your hardware, you can use your handset 3 times longer than usual.

When you install this battery, it will make your handset power unlimited. You will forget about the blacking out. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with Zerolemon 10000mah extended battery will just run and resist to die. You will see in the instruction paper, it says that you need to allow the battery to run out completely for the first 5-6 usages. Perhaps that would be the hardest part.

Depending on the average uses, it can take over 3 days until the handset die. Even if you are using your Note 4 in a busy day, you will experience longer life of your handset. Well, perhaps it is reluctantly hard for you to wait your handset die.

The Zerolemon Samsung Galaxy Note 4 10000mah Extended Battery will surely change your life. Now you don’t have to doubt to install 3d games, benchmarking software, and draining battery apps to your handset. You can use maximum brightness, no worry about battery saving anymore. You can use your flashlight for hours!

You will find yourself surprised with the durability of the battery. No talk any longer, you can do everything you desire on your handset and the battery will still last for 3 or 4 days. In fact, draining your battery in the first 6 cycles will actually spend you at roughly a month. So, be ready for it.

Perhaps you will notice that the battery case is quite big. But it is not actually that big. Personally, I like this battery. Beside it has several benefits, it is actually slimmer than other manufacturer’s extended battery. So, I can say that it is one of the most remarkable items out there.

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