SUPCASE Water Resistant Full-body Rugged Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

SUPCASE Water Resistant Full-body Rugged Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

This is a decent case for your Note 4. This is a sturdy case that offers shock absorption and scratch prevention while maintaining the stylish appearance. This comes with the unique dual layer design made of high quality materials offering sturdy protection against dust, water and impact for your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It comes with 3 interchangeable color back plate covers. These are included to match your styles.

Please note this case only fits Note 4. Then you can rely on the front cover with built-in screen protector to prevent scratches without compromising sensitivity.

As mentioned before SUPCASE Water Resistant Full-body Rugged Case for Note 4 comes with remarkable features such water resistant, shock and dust proof. However, just like other item, it does has cons. If it is water-resistant then it does not mean that you can expose it to bunch of water or swim with your handset.

The advanced dual layer design comes with polucarbonate hard shell and flexible TPU, ensuring the sturdy coverage for your handset. Its precise cut and design are fit to your phone and your style. Not only that, you will also have full access to all ports without any hassle.

This is one super fantastic case, and I had been interested when I did my first personal research about it. Many users are fond of its features. Most folks stated that this case added huge levels of impact protection, dust protection, and water repellant. However, it is not confirmed about the level of water repellant since there are other factors such as weather condition, sun exposure, etc.

And it has been reported that the case has an issue with the proximity sensor. It is perhaps a downside. But in my opinion, it is not a big deal.

The case works like a charm. This is an easy mod and smooth. Perhaps you have heard the other competitor with too expensive price and can make your phone bulky. Well, this item solves it all. This case is slim and does not make your Note 4 feel bulky. One thing that perhaps I can suggest to developer is about the kickstand addition. I love the idea of this item but with no kickstand, it probably disappoints most of case lovers.

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