Galaxy Note Edge - a big failure or the next step in smartphones evolution?

Galaxy Note Edge - a big failure or the next step in smartphones evolution?

After several experiments related to sizes made by Samsung in the previous years with different smartphones, in 2014 a new one was did with Galaxy Note Edge, that brought to public an edge curved screen. At first look it's very similar to Note 4 and you can name it a Note 4 Edge, but it's far away more than what it seems to be...

The main purposes of the edge screen are to bring more functionality to this phablet, a quick access to the main functions (that can be highly customized), and to save the battery power for some common apps. If we count the premium materials used for building this phablet, then we can consider it a Galaxy Note 4 Premium that has the potential to extend it's user interface with an edge screen that can help people to do more activities in a shorter time.

If we're watching to Note Edge from the above point of view , then it sounds great, but... in real life (in practice), usually things are at least a little different! So, there are many people who are considering Galaxy Note Edge a big failure! They don't consider the edge screen as an additional interface that was designed to help them to do more tasks in a shorter time - actually they find it useless!

My personal opinion is that a smartphone is a success or a fail accordingly to the people who are holding it in their hands. I'm sure that a business man will say that Galaxy Note Edge is the biggest successful innovation made in the smartphones industry, while a bimbo definetly will find it useless. Anyway, for me it's clear that Note Edge is a premium smartphone designed for business class, and in that case this phablet will not record a huge volume of sales, like the previous models...

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