Why Galaxy Note 4 isn't the right choice for you

I don't think in the world existed or will be invented the perfect smartphone to satisfy the needs of all people in order to consider a gadget as perfect. More over, in a society dominated by the power of money, where the advertising budgets can change minds very easy, a good smartphone can be wrong appreciated: please see the example of iPhone smartphones that have a shit of hardware: dual-core CPU and 1GB of RAM - WTF?...

The main purpose of this article is to underline the most common problems of Samsung Galaxy Note 4, noticed by people that bought it several months ago and left over the internet negative (but argued) reviews.

Why Galaxy Note 4 can be a bad choice:

- if you're an iPhone fan (most negative reviews are made by iPhone owners after they bought a Note 4, and who usually believe that their smartphone is the best in the world);
- if you have small hands... then your Galaxy Note 4 looks like a 21 inches PC touch screen;
- if you're dumb, then the many features of Note 4 feature will always be a huge mistery for you, making the phablet usless from many point of your personal view;

- when sometimes the screen is freezing, or several apps have a huge latency;
- if you bought the phablet from Amazon and later your smartphone have software or hardware problems... you'll have a nightmare for weeks (their customer service is terrible);
- if you don't know how to setup the access of your background apps to the internet connection (depending by your data plan, you can pay many dollars for several GBs of data "eaten" by your apps when these were automatically updated).

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