i-Blason Armorbox Dual Layer Hybrid Full-body Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

i-Blason Armorbox Dual Layer Hybrid Full-body Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 4
It comes with decent slim profile dual layer armored protective case. The dual layer design body includes the flexible TPU inner core and the Polycarbonatefor the Hard shell. The i-Blason Armorbox Dual Layer Hybrid Full-body Protective Case also comes with a delight front cover along with included screen protector.

This will make your screen protected from scratch, dust or being shattered. This case is ultra light weight yet still giving a sturdy protection for your device. This item is suitable for those who are active in the whole  day. We both know that busy people can barely avoid any incident of their smart phone, small or big.

The dotted patterned inner TPU layer has its strong function. It does a lot of contribution to provide such excellent shock absorption. No further talking, the case got the look and function! It appears outstanding and protects your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 like no other cases.

I'd like to higlight certain improved features of this item. You can expect the dual layer protection which is obviously good for your physical phone protection. Looking at the contemporary design, it will be something that can make you proud while carrying it. On the other site, he signature front cover and the built-in screen protector is more than a value plus.

The Impact resistant bumper design will surely support your peaceful mind. When wearing your phone with this case covering it, you will have easy access to all buttons, ports, camera, speakers and other features.

This case is a great item for outdoor activities. For me, it is not important whether a case has belt or not. What matters is how sturdy a case can protect your phone from bump, drop, or anything. This case seems to be highest quality that I've ever meet. Everything lines up perfectly in this. You will love the whole front screen cover that covers the back button unlike the other common cases. High praise for a special design and high quality.

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