Galaxy Note 3 will have a metal case?

Galaxy Note 3 will have a metal case!

HTC representatives launched the rumor that for this autumn launch of the latest phablet, named Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the south koreans will no more use for casing plastic material, that it will be replace with another material from the premium category, up to this point is not clear whether this rumor has been released to promote the idea that HTC products are better tha Samsung's, or the rumor is a checked information inside the south Korean giant.

The same criticism came from Apple, HTC and Apple both taking advantage of the fact that they have an aluminium cover, not from plastic like that of devices from Samsung.

Sources within the company say that for the phablet that will be released in a few months, this issue will no loger be a proble, without clarifying whether it will be made from aluminum, however, to maintain its light weight, it will most likely be made from aluminum, because this metal is light.

The south korean representatives had the same intention to replace plastic with ceramic or aluminum for the recent launch of the Galaxy S4 smartphone, but finally the case remained still from plastic, because it was more light, more easily processed and because there was no time for producing tens of millions of units until the launch that took place in March.
According to the latest rumors, the release of this phablet will take place in September in Germany, so this will be the first Samsung device with metal casing.

This improvement, and its specs: a 5.9 inches full HD display, 2 GHz proccessor, most likely an Exynos 5 octa core proccessor, an improved S pen device, 4 GB of RAM, and a lot of others features like: S Health, Group play, IR Blaster, etc., that are already available with the just released S4 smartphone.

The battery that comes with it is impressive, the phablet will have 4000 mAh, so the device will be used for a long period of time and will support even more complex applications running simultaneously. These are the news for today, other rumors you can read on other posts from this blog.

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