Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs. Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs. Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy S3 was replaced on March, 14th by a much improved version, but still many of his special features will be found upgraded in this autumn launch of a new phablet, how Note 3 was called, this being the second biggest launch of a high-performance device from Samsung in 2013.

South Korean company has experienced now after the last year's Galaxy S2 release issues, when it had serious difficulties in terms of large-scale production applications that they had with the Galaxy S4, so for Note 3 now we expect not to have such troubles, and after the great success of this year launch model in terms of pre-orders, everyone expects for the next device which will be launched in a few months, to have the same success and to record a bigger volumes of sales than his predecessor.

Special and unique features that Samsung's devices have in the last years, and aggressive but intelligent advertising compaigns helped the company to defeat the main competitor, Apple, last year having a higher volume of sales than the iPhone's.

The enthusiasm and customer's satisfaction for S3 is now found in the high interest of those who are looking forward the improved version to be available to pre-order and delivery in the first days of May, 2013.

Even after the release of S4, the previous version will remain long time in buyers preferences, because only now it is available for sale at extremely advantageous prices, and because of the fact that both the software and especially hardware components are very powerful.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will have many technical specifications the just launched Galaxy S4 has, with the addition, of course, of the applications for the S Pen, hence its name phablet, because the appearance resembles a smartphone, but the performance and operating mode resembles a tablet.

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