Rumors about specs of Galaxy Note 3

Rumors about specs of Galaxy Note 3
According to the latest rumors, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will have the same high-performance processor which you already found on Samsung Galaxy S4, namely exynos 5 processor with 8 cores, which support up to 2 GB of RAM.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 probably will still have 2 GB of RAM, and will reach a speed of 2 GHz, which is more than enough to support all incorporated applications or running simultaneously more complex applications.

Other features that will be inherited by Galaxy Note 3 from Samsung Galaxy S4 are: recognition and using eye movements to commands without touching the screen, smart scrolling, smart pause. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will still be made from plastic, so I expect it will have a very low weight, too, as all previous devices from Samsung.

Regarding the Galaxy Note 3 design, the rumors are contradictory: some say that line used by Samsung before will be maintained, while other rumors claim that Samsung will radically change the design of Galaxy Note 3, now it remains to be seen how Samsung will proceed with this launch in the late 2013.

Are very high chances that future design of Samsung Galaxy 3 looks like this: form a little right of the extremities, especially corners. Stay on this blog to find out first the latest news about Samsung Galaxy Note 3 from reliable sources, technicians and officials directly from Samsung.

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