Snapdragon 800 will join Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Snapdragon 800 will join Samsung Galaxy Note 3
The previous versions of Note had superior processors than the S series, so, for Galaxy Note 3 is expected a new high performance mobile CPU. Under the latest announced CPU technologies, it's clear that Snapdragon S800 will join the new Note 3, at least for United States, because in the last years Samsung usually made these smartphones with two version of processors. Also, is very possible that Exinos 5 octa to join this mobil device, maybe running at a higher speed.

Snapdragon 800

Designed as a mobile processor for smartphones, tablets and even more, its semiconductor technology is made for 28 nm HPm, the instruction set for CPU is ARMv7 and support up to 2.3 GHz, it's a quad core processor that uses Krait 400, and its cache levels are: Level 2 cache is 2Mb, Level 1 cache is 2x16kB, and L0 has 2x4kB.

Snapdragon 800 uses as GPU an Adreno 330, it's memory technology is a 2x32-bit dual-channel, running at 800 MHz (can be achieved the performance of 12.8 GB/sec), and ather incorporated technologies are TD-SCDMA, CDMA2000, LTE, W-CDMA/UMTS, 802.11a/b/g/n/ac wireless communication protocoles, USB 3.0/2.03, and of course Bluetooth 4.0.

Among devices that are using this high performance mobile CPU I can list LG D801, Google Nexus 7" 2.0 and Xiaomi Mi3, and is very possible that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to get Snapdragon s800 processor. Also, Note 3 will get more specific advanced feature of this CPU: USB 3.0, 802.11ac protocol to increase the wireless communications performance, Quick Charge 2.0 integrated to increase the battery life up to 75%, and so on.

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