New rumors about Samsung Galaxy Note 3

New rumors about Samsung Galaxy Note 3
The only negative review that was brought to the south coreen company was related to materials used to cover smartphones and other devices from Note Series are made from plastic and not from the premium category, Samsung choosing to keep a very low weight of its devices by using plastic for cases. Recent rumors say that south koreans have taken into account this critical opinion of his buyers and for this autumn's launch aof the Note 3, this phablet's case will be made from premium materials, like metal.

This change in strategy from Samsung came after his HTC One competitor came with some standards in this field, and an aluminum casing made from high quality materials, so the South Korean company was forced to consider the use of other materials for making future phablet's casing which will be launched later this year, this being the second biggest launch in 2013.

However, is possible that this rumor has been released from the fans or HTC's or even by HTC's PR department to convey the idea that HTC uses quality materials which are much better than those used by this Samsung competitor, anuway for the expected release of Note 3 in this fall will be very difficult, at this stage, to change the materials, and my opinion is that this phablet will have only plastic housing, as the just released S4, the plastic housing beeing a part of south Koreans own design.

However, this phablet will launch in a few months, in a time of high popularity just created by the latest launch in March, 14th, available these days for pre-order in U.S.

The stakes for the company is very high, considering that exports from Samsung represents 20% of total exports of South Koreans, known worldwide also for Electronics, Life Insurance, Securities, in recent years Samsung managed to move from a company known for offering cheap products to a company that offers products of the highest quality.

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