News about the Release Date for Galaxy Note 3

News about the Release Date for Galaxy Note 3

Already known as phablet, because it looks more like a smartphone but it performs like a tablet, most likely will have the release date in early september, this year.

One of his special features will be a performant camera called Samsung Orb, it will have 13 MP, and is actually a clone of Android's Photo Sphere. Samsun Galaxy Note 3 will have integrated options for Facebook, thus allowing its customers to share more quickly with all their contacts panoramic photos taken with this high-performance device.

Other highly anticipated features are: an eight core Exynos 5 processor which is very strong and powerful, a flexible display that gives it a great durability, an improved S pen that will have more  wacom options, meanning that signal is generated by the S pen and the tablet receives and interprete it.

Since there are not many rumors about the price for Notes 3, likely it will follow the same pricing scheme that Note2, his predecessor had: it will be launched on most carriers with a $299 price, making it slightly more expensive than a smartphone, since it comes with additional accessories and technologies as S pen.

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