New feature for Samsung Galaxy Note 3: S Orb panorama


Already called "phablet", because it has features from both smartphones and tablets, this device is the second long awaited device released this year by the South Korean company, official announcements already citing its OLED display much more efficient that will replace the classic LCD, most probably in the third quarter of 2013.

Regarding the price, we will have it in the next weeks, now we have just rumors and unconfirmed information, the fact is that it will be a bit more expensive than Note 2, after the model of Galaxy S4, however, considering that the screen will be much higher, probably 6.3 inches, it will be a normal price.

Other rumors say even that display will be the same as that of S4, which is AMOLED, which is likely to be flexible, thinner and more resistant to shock, impact, the screen rather bending than crashing.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is rumored to be the first device from Samsung which will be equipped with a beautiful S orb camera type, that works similar to sphere panorama camera, that's already available on Android 4.2 operating system, known as Jelly Bean, the difference being that for this autumn launch, Samsung has  agreed with the some of the largest and most popular social network, so being able to integrate facebook sharing options in this feature.

However, it seems that this feature, S orb in the future will run on all devices from Samsung, so this is just the beginning.

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