What to expect from the new Galaxy Note 3?

The next week launch will be observed by those who are interested in Note, because it may may provide clues about its future facilities. Samsung will improve the formula in Notes and Samsung Galaxy S4 will set new standards in the field.

In terms of display and shape that Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will have, we know it will be a 6.3 inches and edge to edge embedded technology. Progress is evident, if we think that the first version of Notes was only 5.5 inches diagonal, so better features for this year's launch is a logical step forward, and through these new features are very close to tablets.

Recent history has already shown that Samsung Galaxy Note was inspired by Samsung Galaxy S, and so Samsung Galaxy S4 that will be launched next week, will greatly influence the design and performance of the following notes.

Many hopes are for Samsung to drop the plastic case?and adopt other materials from the premium category. I personally do not think this will happen too soon, because it would affect the weight of the device, so the aesthetics are sacrificed for for maintaining a very low weight.

In terms of image quality, it will have at least 1280 x 800 pixels resolution, and a decent pixel density also. I look forward the next releases from Samsung that will take place this year, most likely both in New York.

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