Samsung Gear Fit Smartwatch - Review

Samsung Gear Fit Smartwatch - Review
The newly generation Samsung smartwatch, the Gear Fit is a remarkable departure from the original Galaxy Gear. In one single device, it is more than activity monitor as it is smart watch. The appearance is also changed. It comes with slimmer, sleeker and lighter physic.

However, it is also appealing. The curved AMOLED 1.84 inches color display pops against the black watchband. As the user of the device, you are free to change the design, watch face and background color to suit your preferences or appearance. And if you are not satisfied with the current watchband design, you can purchase additional swappable bands in red, blue, orange, green, and gray too.

Some folks avoid this device since beside of its hefty price, they will not be making calls or taking photos with it. Well, that depends on your needs and necessity. But when you connect the Samsung Gear Fit Smartwatch to a compatible gadget (like Samsung Galaxy Note 4), it does notifications. It brings the alerts you can check such as calls, texts, e-mails and even updates from third party applications. Gear Fit lets you to control the multimedia in your Samsung Handset. You can also accept or reject incoming calls with an easy swipe on the device. But not less important is its reliable activity monitor features. The Samsung Gear Fit Smart Watch is integrated with heart rate monitor, accelerometer, gyroscope and pedometer.

Not like common Samsung’s devices, Samsung Gear Fit Smart Watch does not run Android. Instead, it is Tizen as a mobile OS. The company claimed that Tizen OS will bring significant improvements in battery life. In the other side, the Tizen also covers a large app ecosystem with the aid of open SDK – Software Development Kit that will be released on March.

The activity monitoring can track walking, running, hiking, and even road biking. The absolute integrated accelerometer and gyroscope are ones to contribute the feature. It also tracks other basic exercise such as spinning, strength training, yoga, and stationary bike. The nice thing about this device is that the firmware will be updated in the future, but Samsung has not yet given any clue what it might add.

Setting the Samsung Gear Fit Smart Watch is a simple matter. Once fully charged, it can be paired quickly with Samsung handset through NFC. It is compatible with Galaxy S5, S5, S3, and Note 3, and other Samsung smartphones. Of course the Bluetooth range is a matter to cause dropped connection. But the Gear Fit will reconnect itself as soon as your device is on the Bluetooth range.

As the name suggests, Fit fits perfectly on the wrist, thanks to ergonomical design and curve. By noticing the style, fit, usage, and price, Samsung has come with a friendly smart watch that I have seen so far. And considering the fitness niche, the Gear Fit is a must have item for everyone who need smart watch to monitor their activities.

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