Best Wireless Charger for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Best Wireless Charger for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Wireless charger has been around for a while but perhaps only few gadget users will use it since not all smart phones are eligible to have it. However, there are quite ways to bring wireless charger for Galaxy Note 4.

When you wonder about more durable smartphones, you can rely on Qi Wireless Charging for Galaxy Note 4. If you are wondering what is the best wireless charger for your Note 4, Choetech Qi Wireless Charger will the right answer for you. Qi which is pronounced as chee, is a reliable wireless charging standard from Wireless Power Consortium. It uses the inductive electricity power transport over distances of up to 4 cm. Well, that’s the explanation that I got from Wikipedia. But what amazes me is that the ability to charge the phone without using the wire.

The pad is the outstanding point of this charger. It allows the user to put their smartphone right on top of it. At the other side there is a micro USB and a charging status LED which performs blue colored glows while charging. It will turn off as soon as the battery is full. The size of the charger is small enough so that you can put it in your pocket. It is about the size of a deck of cards
To operate the charger you will need a Qi compatible handset. I tested this CHOETECH Note 4 QI Wireless Charger with my Note 4 with the original patch that I purchased on amazon. Operating CHOETECH is very easy. You just need to plug the small USB cable into an opening USB port on your PC. And you need to set the device a little bit and you’re done.

The handset will be located and blue LED will turn on while charging. I found that I could set the Note 4 in pretty convenient angle so that it can be placed well over the charging pad. Unlike the other Qi devices, it is pretty simple to use this one.

The CHOETECH Note 4 QI Wireless Charger for Galaxy Note 4 worked really well. It does not require large space on a table or other spot. Price is $35.99 & eligible for FREE. It includes a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Qi charging patch also. So if you are looking for affordable high-tech Qi Wireless for your Note 4, CHOETECH Note 4 QI Wireless Charger is the perfect answer.

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