Nexus 6 vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 4

We are truly aware that phablet or smartphones are no longer just conventional means of communication. They are meaningless without the remarkable features such as browsing the web, playing games, videos, multimedia, and other contemporary features. If you agree with that, these devices are a great spot to begin.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Nexus 6 are the next generation of the formers that are bombing the phone markets. And with the latest remarkable specs and more innovative features,  these devices are hardly to be rejected by the true fans who have been fond of Samsung phablets series for years. And here they come to splash the water. Those who are wet will see the comparison between Galaxy Note 4 and Nexus 6 before owning the handset.

All two phablets are premium handsets, promoting the real deal of high-end specs. So, here are the comparisons. All the two devices are certainly big enough and perhaps too big to slip in your tiny handbag or trousers. So, folks, prepare to think big.

Personally, I’d rather to choose the look of Note 4. It is indeed wide but less wide than Nexus 6. Note 4 sits a little bit more convenient in my hand and it looks firmer than the Nexus 6. But that is personal taste. Some folks are comfortable with the sturdy shape of Nexus 6 since it appears more “stronger” than Note 4.
Okay, talking about “stronger”, yes they are durable. You perhaps leave a little scar after accidentally dropping them to the floor, but none of these are water resistant. Though Nexus 6 can cope with rainstorms but we can’t risk our devices to get exposed too long.

For the Display, Nexus has 6 inches and Note 4 has 5.7, slightly smaller. However, all 2 displays are bright and clear. They let the users see the wide viewing angles to watch the movie or video clips. Though there is difference in display size, there not so much difference when the video or other media played. Both of them promote the high quality sharpness. You can get the delightful experience from your HD movies.

If you want devices to enjoy movies, music, apps, and games on wider display, any of these phones will do the wonder. But I’d like to say that Note 4 has the nicer look and design. Note 4 comes with multi-tasking features which is the reason why I choose this as the winner. However, this is my subjective point of view. Let me know yours too.

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