Samsung Galaxy S7 will be 3.5 times Faster

Samsung Galaxy S7 will be 3.5 times Faster

Samsung Galaxy S7, and maybe the Galaxy Note 5, will get the new Cortex-A72 processor from AMR.

AMR licenses out its chip architecture to improve the power of nearly every smartphones. The AMR company announced the news about its upcoming chip designs. Based on the smartphones enthusiastic perspectives, this will give them a big picture of what forms of smartphones will be in next year.

Based on the trusted source, the upcoming new designs, named as Cortex-A72 processor, will improve the performance of processors for 3.5 x over 2014 devices, which promotes Cortex-A15 processor. The company also stated that the match performance of the expecting smartphones will use 75% less energy. So, you can imagine how the shape of the smartphones in 2016 would be.

Aside from the netizens predictions about the commencing of new chip, AMR expects that the new chip architecture would be compromised in 2016. But if possible, that the chip comes in late 2015. The chip makers already have the design specifications. Now they are looking for ways to process this. AMR claimed that more than 10 partners have participated to purchase the design license.

AMR did their work when they attended the event in San Francisco. They approached several industries in accordance of the new architecture could be used in the new smartphones. One of the examples is Oculus. It was there to talk about how the upcoming Cortex-A72 processor can be reliable new smartphone tech could be conducted so that they can have virtual reality demonstration to process the graphics.

How about voice recognition? It will also be conducted with Cortex-A72 processor. To get sufficient amount of power to process voice, with existent processors it will be sent to the cloud and back to the device. This of course requires steady data connection of your phone. But with the new local processing, it is possible to do it offline.

I think it is a big leap regarding to the commencing of A72. This is just a part of the big movements made by AMR. What makes me “Wow” is that the rapid progress of increasing power that AMR conducted. In only five years, this company has made 50 times increase in processing power.

All this leads to conclusion that mobile phones gradually become more popular and desirable than PCs. In fact, it’s been a while that folks use smart phones as main computing device and make the PCs as secondary. AMR won’t stop rolling the dice. We can find that almost all smartphones use AMR technology. And the revolution of computing won’t stop soon since the consumer demand makes it keep running.

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