Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review

The largest information about the Galaxy S7 facet is its size. It is bigger than the S6 area; its display is 5.5 inches compared with the 5.1 inches. However it nevertheless feels relatively compact. The beauty of the S6 side continues to be present in this more recent mobile phone, also its polished finish offers it a steel luster just like S6 area.

The Galaxy S7 Edge is made of aluminum, blanketed with Gorilla Glass four on back and front. As it has been constantly the case every year considering 2011, Samsung’s Galaxy S7 flagship smartphones are commonly one of the most anticipated devices. That is due to the fact, for the reason that early days, Samsung floored competition like HTC which have been hit it to the most visible to come to be the most important Android device which is proficient in their name. Currently the world has become keen as they watch the Korean agency unveil its modern in Barcelona the day past not due to its high profile, but because the pinnacle maximum Android smartphone dealer and the biggest competitor to Apple but additionally because of the converting fortunes of the ones involved inside the cell tool marketplace.

It is undeniable that the design of galaxy S7 Edge is unbeatable. The unique edge display design is very stunning and distinct. It is a signature look, and has such powerful visual attraction. The display of the Samsung S7 Edge is high end Super AMOLED with the QHD resolution (2560 x 1440 pixels). Alright, that is the same as its predecessor. However,  it can’t be seen as a problem since it has high enough pixel densities which ensure your visual enterntainment covered.It provides such rich colors and sharp images.

Other interesting feature to be noted is the inclusion of microSD card slot. As usual, Samsung high-end gadget always hits the folks who are multimedia fas. The great thing about it is that the battery durability is marvelous, it has enormous 3600mAh, just as speculated by the netizens months before. Of course you will also get multiple options in connectivity including 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, and NFC.

The firm stated that the CPU performance would be 30% faster than its predecessor. Well, we can expect for something like Exynos vs Qualcomm Snapdragon as the processor. With the 12 MP camera it is more than enough to take some selfies snaps, nature, travel, occasion, and many more.

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