Best Galaxy S7 Edge Case, VRS Design [Triple Mixx][Shine Gold] - [Clear Back][Drop Protection][Heavy Duty][Slim Fit]

Best Galaxy S7 Edge Case, VRS Design [Triple Mixx][Shine Gold] - [Clear Back][Drop Protection][Heavy Duty][Slim Fit]
The VRS, known as Verus in the past, created a case that includes high quality design with realistic functions and stylish layout that is ideal for almost any situation. It's sophisticated, practical, and efficient, the case completely matches the S7 Edge and facilitates the smartphone's natural splendor shine endless.

It offer a full degree of protection - the case protects all edges and incorporates lifted sides plus a TPU lip to maintain the display from damaging or contact the floor. Comfortable match - designed to highlight slimness while not diminishing smartphone protection. The case has impact protection layers, produced from high quality TPU, a gentle inside layer pillows the smartphone from falls, while hard surface encases the gadget to defend from severe accidents.

An exclusively designed crystal clear PC layer permits you to exhibit the style of your smartphone without reducing safety. The VRS Design [Triple Mixx][Shine Gold] - [Clear Back][Drop Protection][Heavy Duty][Slim Fit] - For Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, that's in shine gold, is ideal for my own gold Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. I usually choose my smartphone undressed however this case provides me the safety I want without worrying about size and also makes the whole smartphone much easier to handle.

The particular ridges around the inflexible crystal clear TPU backside make my S7 Edge very easy to hold without the need of hiding the mobile phone's gold backside. The cushioning dark plastic protects the control keys and shows up very good relating to the clear backside along with gold side cover.

For the top of the smartphone, the black color is a lot more noticeable and shields the device when it's with their face down although is not going to obstruct the mobile smartphone's edges and the side panel is completely available. The particular gold edge fits beautifully and matches comfortable however can be simply taken out.

With regards to smartphone cases, I've usually selected safety more than appearances, leaving behind me along with hideous bumper cases, although properly protected smartphones. I've never invested too much for a case, however I'm happy that I spent with this one. It's actually the right case, practical, safeguarding, and attractive. The coloration suits my smartphone beautifully, it really seems like a part of the smartphone. Many people I know failed to actually recognize there is a case on my smartphone initially when I first revealed it to them.

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