Cheapest Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge price

Cheapest Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge price

Of course, some people will not be happy even if they will get an S7 or S7 Edge for free plus a ton of gold as bonus. Even if you should give them the gold from the all countries, they will always have to say that something is not right (this is the human nature)...

So, let's talk about T-Mobile offer!

An S7 or an S7 Edge isn't very cheap if you need to buy it factory unlocked or without a plan. You have to pay around $670 for Samsung Galaxy S7 and $780 for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in United States. Also, you're forced to take in consideration a (data) plan for using your new smartphone, but for that you have to pay. So, why should you not make a good deal to get a cheap price for Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge?

This U.S. mobile carrier, T-Mobile, created several plans in order to help most people to get as fast as possible these new smartphones at cheapest price possible. Actually, the prices of S7 & S7 Edge are included in every monthly plan, to help you to get it ASAP, and not to wait for saving several weeks or months.

Even if T-Mobile created 4 monthly plans, the included price of the two smartphones are the same for all wireless plans: almost $28 for Samsung Galaxy S7 and almost $33 for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge if you keep the plan for 24 months. Else, if you cancel the wireless service, then the remaining balance of the smartphone will become due.

Overall, I think these plans are great deals, especially if you take in consideration that in other countries you have to pay $713 (one time payment) for a $42 monthly plan and a 24 months contract.

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