Best Galaxy S7 Edge Case: VRS Design [Damda Clip][Champagne Gold] - [Card Slot][Drop Protection][Heavy Duty][Money Clip][Wallet]

Best Galaxy S7 Edge Case: VRS Design [Damda Clip][Champagne Gold] - [Card Slot][Drop Protection][Heavy Duty][Money Clip][Wallet]
So, I purchased this case for two main motives. The primary is having a simple case, rather than the flap above huge cases, as well as for events such as concert events and adventure situations. The particular case describes it is going to deal with two credit cards, without having it appearing bulky and also smashing the clip. You need to place the most significant credit card in the bottom considering that it has a grip and will not move out as quickly. I have examined out the amount of an increase of mix of cards and money appear and feel like.

This kind of credit card port layout is the greatest wallet substitute specifically for people who consider riding on the bus. The rear place usually permits 2 credit cards (3 maximum) and some money. This kind of layout may be the requirement for me personally any time choosing whether or not to purchase a new smartphone. I can't stay not having it!

After I just set the case on my Galaxy S7 Edge, I just accidentally dropped it around four ft on to my hone floor, this dropped on bottom corner of the smartphone and fell above and so the smartphone ended up being having glass straight down. Absolutely no deterioration after all. As much as the credit card slot  will support, I place a credit card primary, after that my own New York City MetroCard and a store card inside the clip and also have absolutely no issues in any way. It's unlikely that any of those things will drop out.

I really don't attempt to place other things inside because these 3 items remain in the slot without any difficulties, however it looks like in case you include another credit card the actual clip would certainly be seated greater than all of those other back then one might drop out. I like to recommend this case for anyone who wishes excellent safety plus a location to place only a few items inside a clip.

I have done a considerable amount of investigation and selected this case since I particularly wished a thing pretty light, together with a clip regarding handy transporting of a typical credit card or a couple of. The VRS Design [Damda Clip][Champagne Gold] - [Card Slot][Drop Protection][Heavy Duty][Money Clip][Wallet] - For Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935 satisfied almost all requirements. Very easy to have the smartphone into and out of the case, features a really small combination which means that your smartphone doesn't get in touch with a flat surface area in case you put it straight down on the top, and also looks very durable.

Something to notice would be that the clip, possessing steel inside it and getting positioned in the center of the smartphone, appears to obstruct my wireless battery charger from working well. Therefore, I need to remove it from the case during the night only if I would like to use that specific (wireless) battery charger.

I really don't believe this can be a design downside, it's really a potential downside and another prospective customers should know about. Overall, I'm very satisfied using my investment, particularly taking into consideration the cost, that was 50% of what they have to ask for different cases inside the shop.

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