News for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Its launch will be in late 2013, and it will be preceded by the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 on 14th March, 2013. It Will have a 5.9 inches active matrix Organic light emitting diode for display that makes images have more accuracy and sharpness. So, the response time is very high, and color saturation helps reduce blur in motion.

Initial rumors even say that it will come with a display of 6.3 inches, although in this case there is concern for functionality of the corners. A FullHD 1080p resolution and a density of 300 pixels per inch is likely for Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It will have at least 2 GB of RAM and a 13 MP camera, probably just like Samsung Galaxy S4.

We know that Stylus is already customary for all versions of Galaxy Note, so it will be standard equipment on the launch in late 2013, this is actually a writing tool for shapes and figures, or for notes that requires high precision on touchscreens. Such sharp objects had been used even by the Romans for writing on tablets. Now stylus has many applications in arts, design, graphics. Phones or tablets today use the stylus to navigate through different menus and settings precisely or to make accurate selections. It's a great precision tool that allows even handwriting or drawing on sensitive surfaces.

More latest news in posts to come.

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