Hardware and software specifications for Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Specs
First Note was equipped with the latest technology, but lacked style; it will be another situation with the Note that it will be launched this year, after Samsung Galaxy S4, on 14th March, 2013.

Galaxy Note 2 had a quad core CPU and a 2GB of RAM that secured it a place in the top. So, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will have at least the same amount of RAM, but I expect double! In terms of processor I anticipate it will be an 8 core chip.

In terms of processor I anticipate it will be a 8 core chip that will greatly help speed, allow running multiple applications simultaneously and, most important, to save battery power.

Regarding the operating system, it is most likely an Android 4.2 updated version. Samsung must always have a priority in increasing processing power, So I'expect some new setting that can do that.
This hybrid (Note) between a tablet pc and a smartphone, first launched in October 2011 includes a stylus pen which is used to introduce data with more precision, to make selection or to draw on the screen different objects, signs and commands. In this Samsung Galaxy Note 3, that will launched this year, the accuracy and usefulness of the stylus will be higher.
I believe it will not disappoint, because in the last two years Samsung had strengthened it's market position.

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