Strong points for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Specs
Today I have decided to share with you some of the latest news about this release. I Begin by revealing you my enthusiasm for technological leaps from one version to another, which greatly facilitate and beautify my life.

Korean company has already confirmed the launch of another Galaxy Note at Mobile World Congress,in February 2013, but did not give precise specifications about it. The most common and most credible rumors are about the launch of the Galaxy Note 3.
How will Samsung improve the next edition of Galaxy Note, here are some scenarios or customer expectations.

Maybe the manufacturer will even equip its devices with an operating system based on Java for his applications.From my point of view, this model will be a new reinvention of an existing model on the market. The previous version was a great success, but now probably the most attention will be drawn to the Samsung Galaxy S4, which will be released on March 14, 2013.
Going back to Notes 3, here are some of his strong points: regarding the display and shape, I anticipate that we will see a display of 6.3 inches and I want to see how Samsung is trying to incorporate edge to edge display to maintain compact display, also. Note was sold very well, so at this chapter are not fears.
The question is whether this version will be able to improve his position among competitors. In terms of aesthetics, it is known that Galaxy Note design was inspired by Galaxy S2, and Galaxy Note 2 from Galaxy S3. So I expect like Galaxy S4 to be a model of inspiration too. We will see on 14th March.

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