Embell Cases - Galaxy Note 4 Leather Wallet Case

Embell Cases - Galaxy Note 4 Leather Wallet Case
It is high quality case to protect the Note 4. It is lightweight, slim, and sturdy to protect your phablet. You will notice the secure clip on shell designed or the Note 4 that will keep your smartphone perfectly in position.

For those who are looking for slim fitting design case for their phablet, Embell Cases - Galaxy Note 4 Leather Wallet Case is the perfect item . You will no longer see the unattractive and bulky phone that makes you depressed. No need to hide the real thing you carry since the smartphone with this case looks so elegant and sexy. The hand crafted case will make you proud to show it off.

There are still more from this case. You will notice the decent magnetic clasp allowing your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 case safely protected and closed. The magnet is placed without interfering the S-Pen space. The Camera and all controls are user-friendly. You can access all ports without any hassle. In the inside of the case, there are 3 slots for ID cards and credit cards. And there is also extra space to store some cash there. You will no longer worry about leaving home without any extra cash.

I'd like to praise the design of this wallet/case since all controls and camera are accessible through the precise cutaways in the case.

And if you think those features are enough for you, it is still not enough for the developer. You will also get a free screen protector with your purchase for extrqa protection against daily use.

This wallet case has a sleek and comfortable design. As mentioned before the design has enough room for 3 cards, and cash. You will be pleased if it comes with such compelling feature. It fits and grips your Note 4 handset well. Your handset will be kept secure and the case has openings so that you can easily access to all buttons and ports.

And what else do you need from a remarkable wallet case for Note4?

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