I-CARER Flip Cover Folio Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

I-CARER Flip Cover Folio Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 4
If you are looking for a decent leather case for your Note 4, you can count on I-CARER Flip Cover Folio Case. Since it is a leather case, it is not only good for protection for your handset, but also an appealing decoration to compliment your style and stand out from the folks.

When dealing with these important aspects, you can be satisfied to choose this case for Note 4. I would like to focus on he refinement and attention to humble review on it and every aspects why you should choose this as your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 protector.

Now the first highlight that I would like to review is the luxury design of the case. It comes with luxury corrected grain leather that shows the capability in abrasion resistance, toughness, permeability. That means it is suitable for an active person. So, in case you are using your handset actively, you should consider to purchase this case to make sure its safety and performance.

This case also comes with slot for essential ID or card. No need to worry anymore about extra space! You can store your important cards or ID into the case so that it make you easier to access them when you need them.

The stand feature is also remarkable. You can see your favorite HD video, movies, or just check the email by using this stand feature. Also, it has adjustable viewing angles, so, it offers flexibility. Unlike many other common cases, it is soft handle feeling and has velvety texture. You can also access to all buttons, ports, and camera easily without having to remove the case.

It is pure hand made product with full leather design. And I can guarantee that the hand feeling is on the top quality. There is no plastic snap in. You will notice that this case a has great texture of outer layer, making a good grip and it does not slip. This case also has scracth resistance and shock resistance.

It is purposely designed for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 only. So, it is a privilege case for you. Great case, providing nice protection with style, what else do you need?

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